Energy Sensitivity or Intuition

If you are someone who happens to be especially sensitive to the energy of other people or “Intuitive” (as we all are- and even more so when we become comfortable with it), it can be super exhausting at times and you may feel plain wiped out by being around/working with certain people. It can also be a little bit of an annoyance, especially if you like working with people and especially if your job requires you to be close or “hands-on” with them.

Taking time out to “re-charge” between close encounters with people who tend to cause you to feel “drained” or any other not so great sensation, can really help. It also helps when you recognize the energy as not your own and you then have less of a chance of taking on “stuff” that isn’t yours.

It may seem  like a burden, picking up on other “energy” (or whatever word feels like a good fit), but it has a lot of up sides. When senses of negativity and intuition are followed, they can serve as a guide and you can be a fantastic judge of character and situations. You will just get a “feeling” about something or someone and intuitively know whether or not it’s a good idea to be involved with that person, thing or situation.

You may also be sensitive to positive energies or emotions, as well. This is another up side and an awesome feeling. When people are excited, happy, at ease, you can really feel that, pick up on it and share that, too.

_ _ _

If you are someone with deep intuition, It’s important for you to be aware of this great trait and to know that you are not weird or strange and there is nothing “wrong” with you. When you embrace it and become more comfortable with it, you’ll find a new level of comfort with yourself and may even see talents unfold that you did not even know were there.

A common and very sad feeling among highly intuitive people (or people gifted in other ways) is that they are “too sensitve,” “too weird, “too different,” “too smart,” too much of a lot of things and there is no doubt that most of these people have been told so many times in their lives. They may even believe these words and judgements and this is the really sad part.

A lot of people are gifted in many ways and these beautiful gifts can go wasted when they aren’t seen as gifts or if we grow up to feel embarrassed, ashamed or that there is something “wrong” with us.

We’re given gifts for a reason, whether that be the gift of great intelligence, intuition, sensitivity, a combination of the three or anything else.

Do not be afraid to accept and share all that’s awesome about you.


3 thoughts on “Energy Sensitivity or Intuition

  1. Rita says:

    Great post Renee. Hits home.

  2. gchutrau says:

    Awesome! Thanks RP.

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