Updated Numbers

Friday, the updated measurements were checked and sent off with my “Body Transformation Weekly Report.” Here they are this week (17 weeks out) as compared to just before starting into the plan (19 weeks out):

Sorry for how disorganized these numbers look! This blog seems to be doing some funny things today.

February 5/11(19 wks out)                                   February 18/11(17 wks out)

Height: 5’5″                                                                  Height: 5’5″

Weight: 143lbs                                                          Weight: 141.4lbs (changing everyday with caloric intake varying daily)

Girth Measurements: Girth Measurements:

Neck: 12″                                                                     Neck: 12.5″

Shoulders: 41.5″                                                        Shoulders: 42.25″

Bicep: 11″                                                                   Bicep: 11.25″

Calf: 14″                                                                      Calf: 14″

Chest: 35.5″                                                               Chest: 36.5″

Waist: 26″                                                                  Waist: 25.75″

Hips: 35.5″                                                                  Hips: 35.5″

Thigh: 20.5″                                                               Thigh: 20.75″

Body Fat%: 14.2 Body Fat%: 14.2 with no change in the standard site measurements.

Skin fold Measurements (standard 7 point sites):

Triceps: 8mm

Pec: 8mm

Midaxilla: 8mm

Subscapula: 12mm

Abdomen: 8mm

Suprailiac: 8mm

Quadriceps: 10mm

It’s a little difficult to tell since things like “water swings” can cause muscle to be a bit more or less full from day-to-day, but the numbers and from the way things appear, I would say there are most likely some lean mass gains happening.

If lean mass gains are happening, it may seem a bit off that my weight is less now than when we started (it may be expected to be higher), but now I see how much weight can fluctuate from day-to-day and the starting number on that particular day doesn’t seem to matter too much.

Really, I will leave the number analyzing and the figuring if everything is going in the right direction or not to Carter and, at this point, I am just allowing my body to respond to the plan by putting in the work.

This is one of the great parts about having a coach. You can submit the updates (or have them check the numbers for you if you are working in person with someone) and this removes any guessing or over-analyzing on your part. It’s a lot more fun/less stressful this way. Then you can just do the work in the kitchen and in the gym while they plan any necessary changes.

So far, I think I will add number updates every 2 weeks. Posting/Sending numbers off to Carter feels like a very great way to keep things on track/keep feeling excited about any changes going on. I feel a little like an experiment right now since I’ve never watched things this closely (daily) or had someone request such detailed info. I am very comfortable with it, now and it’s  pretty cool 🙂

If you are comfortable sharing your progress/goals, blogs are so much fun and a great way to keep things moving in the right direction. It can also help you feel excited about sharing new lessons and information with others and you never know who could benefit from something you’ve experienced!

Entries are also pretty cool to look back on in the future.

If sharing publicly is not something you would like to do, journals are excellent, too and are fun (maybe even pretty entertaining!) to look back on down the road.

Have a great day!


Check out My Coach for the 2011 OPA Provincials, Carter Schoffer’s site: Body Transformation


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