Updates Nearing the End of Prep Week 2


It is nearing the end of week 2 of the first phase of prep. So far, I am feeling as though I’m getting leaner while maintaining and even increasing lean mass. We are after “lean mass gains,” at this point, so this is great!

The “Weekly Report” includes skin fold measurements and girth measurements (as well as a lot of other update requirements). Girth measurements seemed to be favourable (more size where it would be nice to see it) while skin folds were the same as they were at the start point. We’ll see where things are at when the check is done tomorrow but I think body fat percentage may be down. I guess we’ll see!

I am really not used to watching things quite this closely and am more used to just “letting results happen” while putting in the work and doing random checks maybe every couple of weeks (perhaps sooner as the show gets closer) and honestly, I wasn’t really sure I would like this frequent checking/updating, very much.

I don’t want things to become overly consuming and part of the reason for wanting to work with Carter was so I didn’t have to do too much thinking and could focus more on other things (work, life and as much “normalcy” as possible (whatever that is, lol)).

But as I get more into this, this just seems to be becoming a normal part of the day (weight check, pulse check, energy level checks, plan compliance checks, etc) and I like it. I am held very accountable and (by maintaining an objective view with the numbers, etc) have a really huge opportunity to learn a lot from this process (how the plan and plan adjustments affect energy, mood, weight, body fat percentage, etc). Exciting stuff!

Digestion seems to have settled down and is a lot better from the start of the plan. Meals where Primrose Oil is taken in seem to be causing the most digestive discomfort and the dosage has been cut back to sort of  see the reaction. So far so good. I’ve also switched out some veggie choices, steamed or cooked some others that seem to be causing some issues, while still keeping a wider variety of veggie options in the plan. This has seemed to help, as well.

Some more guidance and tips for squat rack and other movements I’m not all that comfortable with, yet have been a great help. I’m armed with a bunch of new tips and an increasing confidence to perform these movements and am very much looking forward to putting them to work in “real workouts.”

This is awesome.

Body Composition Updates will be added soon!

Have a great day, today!



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