Jean G. 85 Years Old “5 Years Ago I was technically dead due to mistakes in medication…”

Jean G., 85 Years Old

5 years ago I was technically dead due to mistakes in medication.

My muscles were eaten away and complete kidney failure was caused (Rhabdomyolysis). Weeks of special treatment, dialysis, a heart attack necessitating an operation, then an allergic reaction to a medication caused a rash and water blisters on my body.

Three weeks in the hospital and continuous dialysis followed. Then came the struggle to maintain any remaining muscle.

Now, at age 85 I have found Fitness Forum where the atmosphere is friendly and helpful and the facility is spotless.

The two personal trainers I have had are knowledgeable, observant, encouraging and help you to advance at your own level of ability.

I feel comfortable as all ages here are doing their own “thing” and enjoying healthy activities.

-Jean G.

This was submitted as a testimonial for Fitness Forum. Jean gave permission for it to also be used as a blog entry and hopefully one day there will be a guest blog from Jean sharing more about what she has overcome.

Jean is an amazing woman and has found strength where most of us would find enough excuses to give up a long time ago. It’s difficult to imagine what she has gone through and the fact that she continues to excel in strength and health improvements while maintaining such a great outlook is amazing.

She has some difficult days, but she does what she can with what she has by being realistic about her current limitations, positive about her abilities and by believing she can get to where she wants to be, one step at a time.

She is a symbol of the incredible strength that each one of us possesses, when we recognize it. She is proof that there really aren’t many circumstances that can’t be overcome and a gift to those who know her and her story.

Thank you, Jean.


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