The End of Prep “Practice Week” and Stephanie Worsfold’s New Site!!!

Yesterday was the end of the prep “practice week” for Carter Schoffer’s first plan of our prep. The further I got into it, the more I liked it.

The dynamic warm-ups are super thorough and, with a lot of the movements being new to me, take a bit of getting used to but I feel as though I’m really getting the hang of things. It also helps to know I can ask any questions when I’m feeling unsure.

With the main resistance training days and even ab training, there are also a lot of new movements. I feel challenged in a great way and already feel like a lot is being learned and gained.

Getting into the squat rack, actually putting a weighted bar on my back and performing Bulgarian Split Squats might not be a big deal to some, or even something that seems very scary, but for some odd reason; bar on back or front squats scare me. Or I should say scareD me 🙂 It was an exciting feeling getting in there and realizing that it’s not really that big of a deal. It was challenging/awesome but nothing that couldn’t be performed and everything can be worked on to improve. I’m sure my form leaves something to be desired and I’m really looking forward to working on it.

As with most beginning phases of forming new habits, the meal plan will most likely be the most challenging thing for me, but being introduced to more options and ensuring I keep a wide variety of food choices throughout the day will keep things interesting and it will be really cool to see how my body responds to a new structure.

I’m experiencing a bit of digestive distress (not a surprise with new options) and it is something we’re working to pin-point and correct. It might even just be my system adapting to the new things and within a few days, could be a non-issue. We’ll see!

This past week, during each training session, I have felt muscle recruitment like never before and have no doubt that any body comp. goals that are set will be reached. It’s a really exciting feeling and I feel very relaxed/trusting, right now. There is no doubt the next plans and adjustments Carter makes will be appropriate and great, as well.

The poster for Steph’s show, the Stephanie Worsfold Natural Ontario Qualifier is near complete (save a few corrections and sponsors to still be added- which she will be doing within the next week).

Her site is also up and ready to go! As a new site, there are a few typos/glitches to be worked through and this will be done, shortly. In the mean time, here it is Stephanie Worsfold’s Site. There is information on Steph, the Show Venue and  a link to registration which is now open!

Check out this saweeet poster!

I am off!! I hope you’re having a great weekend!


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