A Saweet Rest and Getting into the Plan: So Far, So Awesome :)


So far, this “practice time” of the new plan is going great! Yesterday was the first of the two lower body days and, although it was certainly challenging and I can tell it will be great for lower body development, I am not experiencing soreness today. This may have a lot to do with new during/post workout recovery methods and being more thorough and vigilant with foam rolling and stretching.

Carter’s “check-ins” not only help hold me accountable for being compliant with the nutrition/training but also with rest and recovery measures. Some of the ways this is done is through requiring reports of daily sleep quality/duration, energy levels and whether or not static stretching, foam rolling and/or other recovery methods were performed. This is so great and not only will it have a great impact on our body composition goals, but also everyday function.

I know very well I can have all the great intentions in the world to sleep enough, rest well and practice pre/post workout recovery methods but quite often I will either not complete these practices to the fullest or may sometimes even skip them all together. Now that I am being held more accountable to be so vigilant it’s so exciting to see what a difference this will make with everything!

Just this past weekend I felt the need to take a bit of a “time out” for a couple of days. I had begun feeling extremely tired and it seemed to happen all of a sudden. I felt run-down and emotional. I’m sure the mix of a lot of new exciting changes combined with not being very vigilant with my bed time probably had a lot to do with it. I do not normally let myself get to that point but, truthfully, I am just so excited about a lot of things which makes “slowing down” seem like less of a priority than normal. I do know it’s necessary, though.

Taking off to my parent’s for a couple of days helped big time and my mom took one look at me and knew right away I could probably benefit from some sleep. I’m not sure what gave it away, a Mother’s intuition or the fact that I had gigantic bags under my eyes big enough for a shopping spree.  I do know these things can be avoided and now that I feel more accountable to be more careful with rest/recovery, I will be.

Some personality types are more likely take on too much and overdo it while neglecting the things that make us productive to begin with; rest and recovery to help keep that great drive and energy up.

I am off for the day and very excited to get into this next day of the plan…as well as some foam rolling, stretching and relaxation of course 🙂

Have a great day!


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