A Need For More Food or a Craving?

It’s so amazing how different food choices can affect our bodies in so many different ways. From our emotions, to the way we think and therefore, potentially act, our energy levels,  our appearance, everything!

Keeping this in mind makes it a lot easier to make better choices and should drive us to want to learn what works best for us.

All of us are unique and will need different food choices/combinations to function at our best. It may take some “playing around” with food options from time-to-time, especially when getting started on the path to “cleaner eating.”

One thing is for sure, if not so great food choices are being taken in on a regular basis (processed food) many different combinations of  “clean” (whole food) options are more than likely going to make a person feel better. The tweaking can come after the lifestyle habits are instilled, and that is when the changes really become fun. You start to learn what food combinations really feel good and “right” to you, help or hinder energy levels and all around, how food affects you. You become more in tune with your body which is a really cool feeling and how things really should be.

Keeping a food journal by logging meal times, choices of food, portions, cravings and the timing of cravings, moods, sleep quality, etc. can be very helpful when figuring out what works best for you.

Guidance from a trusted coach is also an amazing asset.


This is one of the reasons receiving coaching beginning in February will be so great. I can then just let the plan go to work, observe how things are going and give updates. It is still fun to learn by sorting through things but it will be such a cool and new experience to hand that over.

Lately, with my ferocious appetite and cravings for carbs, I am beginning to think that my choice in breakfast carbohydrates (and sometimes the second meal of the day) might be playing a big part in this. I am not 100% sure but am thinking the fruit/whole grain combination might be causing too much insulin to be produced and that could be part of the reason why I’m craving carbs like an SOB shortly after eating this meal.

Fruit is important and it’s not something that would be a great idea to cut out. It will be taken out of breakfast and added in with the post workout meal, for now.

Our bodies know what they want, need and if we listen we will be rewarded in countless ways.

Sometimes it might just take trying to figure out the difference between actual needs and cravings being caused by something else going on. Eg; Food choices possibly affecting insulin levels, creating cravings and therefore causing me to think that what my body really wants is to eat enough food for a 250 lbs Linebacker. My guess is that since I am not a 250 lbs Linebacker, or built very much like one,  that my body doesn’t really want or need that much food.

We’ll see if some changes make a difference!

I’m off for now. have a great night, tonight!


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