Training/Nutrition Update


Sooo….there have been some training and nutrition changes to meet off-season goals and to begin prepping my body for when prep starts.


I am not 100% sure but have a feeling that my lower body could possibly be in for some intense times ahead with the plan that Carter comes up with. Or at least more intense than what I am used to in my current shape.

I have not trained heavy with lower body for quite some time and thought it might be a good plan to work myself back into it, just in case and so that maybe I can find my missing glutes and hamstrings. That’s a bit of an over exaggeration but I am definitely feeling quite the lack of fullness back there.

Reps have been brought down from the 12-15 rep range to the 6-8 rep range for most movements. I started this on Wednesday and felt the slight urge to vomit after doing Bulgarian Split Squats and again after walking dumbbell lunges with almost half the weight I could have used in the past.  It was kind of funny but I thought “Wow. This is pretty terrible.” Oh well! Here we are now and here I go bringing back some strength. I know it won’t take long.

Dynamic warm-ups are more thorough and foam rolling is also more thorough and done more often for Back, Hamstrings, Glutes, IT Band and Calves.


It feels like a lot of food is needed right now compared to any other time. It feels a little strange but, since I am more active during the day now and training is different (more “circuit type” resistance training and anaerobic cardio sessions) it makes sense. I am going “by feel” some days and when it seems like more food is needed, I just eat more. This higher food intake is from clean options (for the most part) and it seems like I have a much higher need for carbohydrates. Breakfast seems rather large (in my opinion and from what I am used to) but it still feels like I could eat a lot more, maybe even double this amount.

Approx 15 min pre-breakfast: Greens/glutamine


1 cup of egg whites

1 whole free range organic egg

1/4 cup of a whole grain (brown rice, millet, quinoa or buckwheat Kasha)- measured before cooking

1 cup of mixed berries

approx 2 cups of spinach salad

Supplements: 1 fish oil capsule (1200 mg), vitamin c, multi-vitamin, b complex, calcium/magnesium, vitamin D, digest more HCl and a probiotic with live cultures

Meal 2 has been almost as large (minus the supplements besides fish oil) and is eaten no more than 2 hours after meal 1 to keep up with what it feels like I need right now. Maybe some more adjustments will be made soon if my hallow leg doesn’t seem to be filling up.


Wanting to be sure I’m well rested, not just for performance in the gym, but for everyday function; a new sleep routine is being set in stone and stuck to. So why am I up at 2AM? Frig, lol. I went to bed super early and believe this is an adjustment.

I have been attempting to make up for missed sleep and I think my body is just becoming a bit more adapted to little sleep. This doesn’t mean this amount of sleep is optimal, I’m sure it’s not, it just may mean it’s what it has started to become “used to” or expect. This is being changed by not just researching and learning ways to adjust to a new schedule, but by actually putting the methods to work and sticking to them.

I find it difficult to be in bed by 8PM and up at 4AM sometimes, not only because it seems super early, but also because it seems like the rest of the world is still awake at 8PM and often I will miss out on catching up with friends and family during the evening hours and when I’m in bed. I have to remember that this is the shift I chose, and if I do want to be well rested, function well for life enjoyment and at work (which I do!); I need to get my butt to bed on time and get used to it.

Time to do more of the important and fun things will also be increased as time management continues to improve.

I am beginning to see that it’s necessary and learning how to manage time a bit better, how to “empty my plate” and how to avoid time-zapping things that may not be all that important. Truthfully, I just like to be busy and find it really easy to get caught up in work. Especially now with enjoying it so much and with it not really feeling much like work. This is something I am learning to be a bit better with. This allows for more phone and quality time with friends and family, which is important. We need contact with people that we care about for life enjoyment.

And really, how enjoyable is it to reach important goals if you’re too busy to be able to share it with the people you care most about? My guess is not very.

So, the plan is: More food when needed + Heavier Weight + More Sleep and time management = a fully rested, anabolic, happy person!

Sounds like a pretty sweet equation to me 🙂

I am off for now. Have a great day today!


2 thoughts on “Training/Nutrition Update

  1. Rita says:

    Great update Renee! Keep insipiring!

  2. Diana says:

    Funny, when I eat oatmeal or any carb for breakfast I find that I am starving all day. I have cut it out and only have a protein shake with some mixed frozen berries and coconut oil and this seems to keep my appetite in check. I add starchy carbs in at lunch and dinner.

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