Meet Sherie Miron: An Incredible Success Story

Sherie Miron is an amazing person. Not only did she hit the stage for her first show in November looking GREAT, but she did it after losing 130lbs. Yes, 130lbs. That is not a typing error.

When you look at her, she makes you smile just seeing how full of life she is. She could light up any room and has an energy about her that can only be described as fascinating and that of someone who has truly fallen in love with life.

Sherie’s amazing success story was featured in the January issue of Oxygen Magazine and she has touched the hearts of many, many people.

I am very proud to be Sherie’s coach for her upcoming Spring show and can only imagine how great this experience will be.

Welcome Sherie, you incredible woman you.

Here is Sherie’s blog describing her journey and how she felt after being Oxygen Magazine’s Featured Success Story:

Oxygen Magazine’s January Success Story: Sherie Miron


2 thoughts on “Meet Sherie Miron: An Incredible Success Story

  1. Sherie Miron says:

    Thanks Renee!! I’m so incredibly excited about this! Here’s to the beginning of an amazing ride!!! (I’m cheersing you with a protein shake right now coach!! Staying on track!! Lol!) 🙂

  2. I was a bit late getting my Oxygen this month. I just read this article a few days ago. Great job! Congratulations to you both.

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