Carter Schoffer of Body Transformation: My Prep Coach for the 2011 OPA Provincials

I have decided 100% to compete at the OPA Ontario’s this year, the Amateur Division of the Toronto Pro Super Show. I am so excited and have an extremely optimistic feeling about this decision and everything that will come with it.

For the first time, I am putting someone else completely into the driver’s seat with my whole prep. For 16 weeks (plus the final week before the show) of prep nutrition, supplementation and training plan, Carter Schoffer of Body Transformation will be my coach. We will begin on February 20, 2011.

Every other prep has been put together with suggestions from IFBB Pro Stephanie Worsfold (some more controlled, some not). This has been amazing. We have had so much fun together, it has left room for a lot of growth, learning and her and I have become great friends.

I am so grateful for her help, guidance, support and she will always be a big part of my life, as a great friend and as someone who will always be thought of as an important part of my life for the past four years.

Steph has now begun making plans for workshops leading up to her show; The Stephanie Worsfold classic, Natural Ontario Qualifier! These will be a lot of fun with amazing tips on posing, stage presence, shoes, suits and all the other fun stuff that comes along with your day.

A link to her new website outlining details on workshops and The Stephanie Worsfold Natural Ontario Qualifier will be up soon!

I am so excited to work with Carter. He is very good at what he does, is straightforward and has a very honest, matter-of-fact way of stating things. This leaves no doubt that the advice he gives is what he feels is the best choice.

This prep (for a few reasons), I feel ready and want to have a structured plan put in place for me. With this, as a client, I can keep the focus on putting in the work, communicating the way things are going and will not be trying to piece together training, nutrition or wonder if things are on the right track. I will know if they are or not through relaying updates and receiving feedback/plan changes.

I feel comfortable communicating information and progress to Carter, which is super important for a successful prep.

He is also not only concerned with the appearance of his clients, but their health and wellbeing, as well. This is extremely important when choosing a coach.

Certain parts of prep are going to be somewhat “extreme” regardless of how you look at it. Bringing body fat down to an unnaturally low level, water manipulation, etc. are not healthy or things that should be done very frequently; regardless of the method chosen.

Find someone you can trust when it comes to your health and wellbeing (this is what you are doing when looking into coaching for a lifestyle change, contest prep, etc.). And always trust your gut. If you don’t feel right about something or someone don’t be afraid to voice it and/or just go with that. We have those instincts for a reason.

This is your body and it’s very important to think of your health for the long run, not just how everything looks for show day.

So…for the first time I completely hand my prep over and I am both a little scared and extremely excited. Scared not for lack of confidence in Carter’s abilities as a coach (I think I have expressed enough how untrue that would be), but because I can be independent to a fault and this feels like a giant step!

My stubborn “I can do it myself!” ways are being left at the door and I know this is a great choice.

I will post updates for this final bit of off-season and as prep comes closer.

Have a great day!


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