Not a New Year’s Resolution but a Definite Commitment

I am making a promise to myself to make improvements to an area I know will make a huge difference in life. It’s not being thought of as a New Year’s Resolution, but a Definite Commitment.

It’s a funny thing about making improvements; if we don’t admit there is room for some there is a big chance they will not happen.

An area with great need for improvement is definitely my business sense. The only way to really explain it is, well…it’s not really all there! But although it may not be fantastic right now, I know it can improved upon and by recognizing there is a lot of room for improvement, it already has started to.

A couple of years ago I began coaching a few people for shows and Lifestyle Changes, I knew it would grow but didn’t see things changing the way they are, now. This, in addition to personal training, are absolutely amazing and do not feel like work. I love it so much and seeing the changes in clients and getting to witness/hear how much they grow on the way toward reaching goals and how happy they are when the set goal is reached is an unbelievably satisfying feeling that I can’t even explain. I have fallen very much in love with what I do.

This paired with the fact that my business skills are lacking leaves a need to learn how to continue building a life from this love. If I want to keep things going well and to keep doing what I love doing as a business, which I do very much, it needs to be treated that way and I need to continue learning how to make this happen. This is what I am learning and what I am committed to doing. Not a New Year’s Resolution but a Definite Commitment.

One problem or reason for (some of the time) perhaps having difficulties forming a “business mindset” when it comes to coaching for shows is because I certainly understand the expenses of competing. With the suits, shoes, groceries, supplements, hair, make-up, travel, hotel costs, federation membership fees, registration fees, coaching, etc you can be looking at a very large wad of cash to hand over. I also know what it’s like to worry about money while getting ready for a show and would not wish that upon anyone. You may be stressed out enough at times throughout the process without having to worry about financial issues on top of that.

To be able to handle a prep financially is not only important but necessary to bring your best package to the stage, to maximize enjoyment and to continue living in a functional way. If there is no or little enjoyment during the process, if stress is high because financial obligations are being pushed to the side or there is a worry that they may be, it may be a very good time to seriously re-think whether or not it’s a good time for a show prep.

Along with being financially able to handle a prep it is also completely relieving to have someone there as a guide to the stage and it can be very stressful to not have that person there. Recently I have heard more than a few competitors talk about money worries. The shows will still be there when you are ready and can afford everything that comes along with this big decision.

So, with these new outlooks, lessons and a lot of excitement, here I go learning how to make improvements to my “business mindset!” Luckily, although I may not have a great knack for business, there are people who are successful and I admire a lot. I feel very lucky to have people like this to ask questions and to look up to. That is so helpful, to have mentors or people with qualities/achievements you admire to turn to for advice and guidance.

I share this because it will help me stay committed to making improvements in this area and because it’s more than okay to admit room for improvement in any area. We all have room for improvements and, perhaps, in areas that can potentially make a huge difference in life.

I have an overwhelmingly optimistic feeling about 2011. Truthfully, I’m not even exactly sure what I’m so excited about or what exactly is happening, I just know that there are such great things on the way. This may sound strange, I’m not too sure how to explain it (like some things in previous blog entries) but I can feel that things are coming together in such a great way and it feels fantastic.



Good luck to you with your Definite Commitments for 2011 and have a great New Year’s Eve!




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