Holy Shoulders!

Holy shoulders! I’ve switched up the angles of some movements for shoulders and “upper back” and increased unilateral movements for upper body. I think some sleeping muscles have been woken up! Jeeeez my shoulders are sore today.

Examples of some of the single arm movements and changes are: Incline bench side lateral raises were performed instead of standing side lateral raises, side lying rear delt flies were performed instead of bent over rear delt flies and single arm face pulls were performed. It’s awesome to mix things up to keep progressing and (although soreness is not always a good indicator that things are progressing) I can tell that these were good changes and will lead to some sweet progress 🙂

This split is beginning to feel quite demanding, which I do like and know it is helping the changes come along that I would like to see, but it’s important to balance work with rest and after the end of it (one more run through after this one), I have decided to take a “de-load” week. Details will be added when that time comes.

Taking “de-load” weeks and rest days are things that I am beginning to recognize as more and more important. I think I’ve always known they are important but would never admit that they were needed or could be beneficial. Apparently I like to think I am invincible sometimes and can go forever without rest. I can’t, none of us can and If we don’t balance work with rest, we will not see the gains we could see if there was more balance and could quite likely end up injured, burnt out or both. If this is something we want to do for the long run, there needs to be a nice balance found.

The yoga classes at Fitness Forum are awesome and I’m really looking forward to adding more of those into the de-load week as well as more Zone Movements. More details on Zone movements can be found in this article here:http://bit.ly/guIyDK

Things at work are going so well and it’s amazing how much of a difference having so much fun at work is making in everything in life. My client load is almost completely full which is so great and my clients are awesome. I love what I’m doing so much and it just feels “right.” Not that I disliked being in the office but I definitely feel like being out on the floor more was a fantastic decision. It doesn’t even feel like work, I go and do what I love doing all day and that is a  great thing and a very lucky thing to have found.

I have looked at things like “trainer burn out” and do believe it can be avoided and I will be careful to be as cautious as I can with avoiding this. I don’t believe this can or will happen to everyone as long as you are cautious, keep your own needs in mind for quiet time, relaxation, recovery measures and always remember your own love for being fit and healthy.

I’m off for the night! If there are no posts before then, I hope you have a very Merry and safe Christmas with those closest to you!!


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