Adjusting to a New Schedule

The training split being followed right now continues to feel great. It seems like my body is just doing what it is being “told” to do and that is really cool and exciting.

The plan will be switched again in two weeks and at that time we’ll see which direction to take depending on how everything feels and is coming along. If I’m feeling like a rest could be helpful then a “de-load” week will be added in. There are different ways this is done and we’ll see which way to go if one is taken.

I still feel absolutely awesome for the most part but today, from a little bit of a lack of sleep and from not getting in all the meals I would normally get in, I was feeling a bit run-down and not as strong for training. Because of this, I worked in about the 60-70% of my maximum range for most sets and took slightly longer rest times instead of the 80% range (which I’ve been working in lately). This was a reminder of how important it is to stay on top of meals (even with a busier schedule now, if everything is organized and planned it can be done) and to be sure I’m getting enough sleep each night.

I am still adjusting to the 4AM wake up times for work and being more vigilant with a night-time routine will help me wind down enough to get a good 8 hours of sleep each night. Most nights I stick to the bed time, but some nights I’ll be out doing things later than 8PM or have a bit of a difficult time getting to sleep for that time. I will be more on top of it and as my body continues to adjust to the earlier sleep/wake times, adequate sleep will come more easily and more often.

Here is a Washington Post Article with some tips for adjusting Sleep/Wake Times.

It is really amazing how changing schedules and daily activity level can change our needs for food quite a bit. It could be different things leading to this change in needs but where before not so much carbohydrates compared to protein and fat were needed to function and feel good, these needs seem to have been changing quite a bit recently.

A large amount of food (compared to the past) from all macronutrients and especially carbohydrates seem to be needed now and it’s really cool how your body just seems to “tell” you what it needs. An updated meal plan and examples will be added soon AND training.  I’ve been saying a training sample will be added “shortly” for a little while, now and it will be.

With Angela, Maria and Rita getting into the final bit of their “off-season” plans, April beginning her prep for her first show, a nice face-to-face client load that is getting busier and still building and some great things just coming along, although it is a busier time, it is a great time and it feels like a lot is being learned and gained. I am learning how to be more organized, what I can and can’t handle time and energy wise, what things I really want to focus and stay focussed on and have such a great feeling about the way things are going!

I hope you have a great night tonight!

Tonight: Operation Organization and getting my butt to bed on time 🙂


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