And Here These Great Girls Go: Prep time it is!

Preps begin for some super wicked ladies:

This Saturday, April Haynes will be 16 weeks out from her first show ever, The UFE 2011 Spring Bash in Mississauga, Ontario. You can follow April along on her journey by visiting her blog HERE.

It has been a lot of fun working with April, already. With her determination and excitement there is no doubt she will be amazing. She is competing in the Fitness Model Category.

Angela Rivard, Maria Ivan and Rita Catolino will all be competing in the Stephanie Worsfold Classic Natural Ontario Qualifier on May 7th in London, Ontario. We are working together toward set goals, varying between the three of them, for the remainder of their “off-season” and will have a nice smooth transition to a great prep:)

Angela Rivard is switching from Bikini/fitness model to figure. This is so exciting! Right now, we are adding size to her frame through changes to her nutrition and training. This, like all the other great girls, will be a fantastic journey to follow.

Updates and more info to come as we get further along in prep!

For more info on these Inspirational Ladies click HERE


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