Sample Dynamic Warm-up and Working on A Back Issue

Right when dynamic warm ups were added in before each resistance training day a couple of years ago, a difference in performance and recovery was noticed within the first few workouts. During prep they were still performed but really weren’t as extensive as they probably should have been. Now they are still performed before every resistance training session, while being more thorough and are seen as just as important as the rest of the program.

I have some back pain that has been going on for a while. It’s nothing too serious,  but it’s definitely there. Acupuncture and ART helps to relieve it but it comes back again shortly afterward and I’m thinking there might be an imbalance.

A back pose picture was taken at the London show and it looks like something different is going on right where the pain is (just below the left rhomboid). It may or may not have anything to do with it but it’s a funny coincidence. I have looked up some information, different methods and have also received some advice from Carter Schoffer of Body Transformation to see what sort of approach might help.

I’m trying out some different things but one thing that could potentially help, and I think it will, is to incorporate more “upper back” training compared to chest/anterior delt work and to really be sure to thoroughly warm up everything with a dynamic warm up before training.

Possible Imbalance? Photo by David Laus

From the picture you can also see my right shoulder is forward slightly more than the left and the musculature is not completely symmetrical. It doesn’t look like everything is right and it’s a pretty good reflection of how things feel. Maybe how things appear is a part of the issue and maybe not, I don’t really know but it will be cool to see some differences and to be rid of an annoying little pain.

We will see how things go!

To get back to the dynamic warm ups; they are super important for injury prevention, performance and for recovery. If you do not perform them now, begin and you will more than likely notice a difference in performance quite quickly while feeling quicker/better recovery. Not only that, but you’ll be helping to prevent injuries.

The movements chosen, order of the movements, sets and reps may change depending on the person and plan but this is dynamic warm up being followed now for an upper/lower body day.

Each movement is performed consecutively with a 10 second rest in between:

Side Lying Clam- 4 per leg with a 3 second hold at the top of each rep

Dumbbell Cuban rotation- 12 reps

Donkey Kick-back- 10 reps per leg

Scap push-up- 18 reps

Forward/back lunge- arms extended over head- 6 reps per leg

Side Lying External rotation- 8 reps per side

Scissor Hip Extension- 10 reps per leg

Face-Pull- 15 reps

Overhead Squats- 12 reps

Scare-crow- 6 reps

Bird-dog- 6 reps per side- 3 second hold at the top of each rep

Reverse Push-up- 8 reps

Forward lunge into warrior stretch – 3 reps per side with a 3 second hold into the stretch

A lot of these movements can be found on the Precision Nutrition Youtube Channel.

Samples of training will be added soon.

Have a great night!

PS: This blog has helped me feel like I’m held accountable for a lot of things and it’s been really great. I really recommend it to anyone looking to reach a specific goal. If it’s something you would rather not make public, journals recording the steps you are taking to reach your goals are also super helpful and great to look back on.


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