Off Season Meal Plan – “Protein Type” plan tailored to personal goals/needs

Hello! Today was a very snowy day in London, Ontario. Being “snowed in” really created a lot of nice free time to do extra things. I used some of it to sit down and review/better organize the off-season plan and I’m very excited about it.

This meal plan takes into consideration my metabolic type (fast oxidizer), activity level and lifestyle. High purine or “heavier” meats like beef, dark chicken meat, lamb, even organ meats work really well for fast oxidizers (“protein types”) and when they are consumed in the right proportion to everything else (fats, carbs, and considering activity level) I feel incredible, more energetic, recover well, sleep well and see performance levels improve. Body composition also seems to follow the goals set at that time.

To match activity level and performance/body composition goals, carbohydrates are also super important. When carbohydrates are paired with the heavier meats, it usually results in me having feelings of sluggishness or not digesting everything properly and feeling “heavy”. The way things are organized in this plan, carbohydrates are taken in when they seem to be needed and used the most (earlier on in the day and post workout) and paired with a “lighter” protein option (eg: chicken breast, turkey breast or egg whites) to help prevent feelings of sluggishness and to help digestion.

Gluten free options are used for all carbohydrate sources.

For meat,  Free range organic options are always a great idea especially if consuming higher purine meats (fattier meats) and absolutely if consuming organ meats. Just like we can, animals can store a lot of toxins in fat and organs. Choosing better treated, cleaner livestock options (free range organic) decreases our risk of taking in a lot of these not-so-great things.

With the meal plan, having everything laid out like this really helps and keeps the plan exciting! It feels really good when you know you are treating your body well and helping it progress to the goals you want to see happen. We really are what we eat and if we eat to suit our goals, needs and activity level; there will be amazing results.

Here is an outline of a day of eating and supplements with samples given for food options.

First thing in the morning:

Greens supplement/glutamine

Meal 1:Protein from a “lighter” source: 1 cup of egg whites

1/2 serving of fat and some protein: 1 whole egg (either omega 3 eggs of free-range organic for the quality and the higher omega 3 content)

1/2 serving of fat: Cooked in 1 tsp coconut oil

Carb: 1/4 cup of quinoa (measured before cooking)

Cinnamon and stevia are used really often with this meal.

Veggies: Small spinach salad (handful)

Supplements : Multi-vitamin (really like progressive multi vitamin for active women 3-a-day), probiotic with live cultures, full spectrum digestive enzyme with HCl (digest more HCl by Renew Life is awesome), vitamin c, b-complex, 1 fish oil capsule

“Tea Mixture”- green tea, milk thistle tea and black tea (black currant flavoured is soooo good)

Meal 2: Carb: 1/4 cup brown rice (measured before cooking)

“lighter” Protein source :3 oz chicken breast

1-2 cups of veggies

Supplements: Vitamin C, 1 fish oil capsule

Meal 3: “Higher purine” protein source: 3 oz chicken thigh

1/2 serving of fat: 1 tsp omega 3.6.9. oil

1-2 cups of veggies

Supplements: 1 fish oil capsule, vitamin c

Meal 4:(pre-workout meal)

“Higher purine”(“heavier”) protein source: 3 oz lean or even extra lean ground beef

1/2 serving of fat: 1 tsp omega 3.6.9 oil

1-2 cups of veggies

Supplements: 1 fish oil capsule, Vitamin c, multi vitamin

15 minutes before/during workout: BCAA’s/glutamine (use PVL Extravol)

Meal 5: post workout

“lighter” protein source: 5 or 6 oz chicken breast

Fruit: 1 cup of fruit (really like to use mixed berries)

1/2 serving of carb: –  millet (measured to approx 1/2 cup after cooking or 1/8 cup before cooking)

Supplements: Vitamin c, multi-vitamin, digestive enzyme

Meal 6: 1 – 1.5 hours later

“lighter” protein source: 4-5 oz extra lean ground turkey

Fruit: 1 cup of mixed berries

Supplements: vitamin c, 1 fish oil capsule

Meal 7: higher purine” or heavier meat”: 3 oz lamb chop

2 cups of veggies

Supplements: 1 fish oil capsule, vitamin c, calcium/magnesium, vitamin D

A new training program has been set in place which! The goals and examples will be added soon.

I am feeling so great! I often ask Carter Schoffer of Bodytransformation and Stephanie Worsfold for advice regarding different things and to have their input. I asked Carter about having huge cravings ever since the show and whether it was normal or not. He stated it was and that to take advantage of it, eat a higher caloric intake of clean food options and train hard. Sounds good to me!

With the meal plan and the new training program: Off-season, here we go:)

I have a great feeling about this off-season and am very excited to progress and learn from it. I have a good idea of the direction I want to go with training/meal plan leading right up to Provincials (as long as I do them, which I’m thinking I most likely will!). This will be very fun to track and like a lot of other things, learn so much from.

How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy by Paul Chek is a fantastic resource. Along with a lot of other extremely valuable pieces of information, it explains metabolic typing in a very easy to grasp way and includes questionnaires to find out which type you are. It includes specific meal plan options and lifestyle suggestions so you can then be guided toward building a fantastic plan tailored to your needs and goals.

Have a great night tonight!


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