The first day back to Resistance Training and an awesome recovery

My first weight training day back at the gym was yesterday. I took things slow to see how everything was feeling; my joints, energy levels, etc. and it felt really good! I think this is the soonest I’ve felt this “recovered” after a show. I’m still going to be careful and take things slowly for the next little while, but it feels awesome to be feeling like this so soon and I’m really excited to get into the plan.

A full body workout was performed, nothing super intense but enough to get a good idea as to how everything is feeling. For this week, full body circuits will be performed before moving onto anything more intense.

I’m experiencing water retention, which isn’t very surprising or really a big concern. After cutting water for shows it’s normal to experience some water retention afterward, sometimes even for a couple of weeks. The combination of the after show cheats and reintroducing some condiments is most likely playing a big hand in this as well.

If you experience this post show, it’s important to not fall into the trap of continuing with diuretics or in going too hard too fast at the gym, if you stick to a plan of a slower transition to “normal,” and let things come back together, you will see the water retention come down. Sometimes quickly and sometimes it just takes a little while. We’ve just put our bodies through some strange things (water manipulation), it’ll take some time to find balance again.

Cravings are still a bit crazy, but I know they will decrease once everything gets back to normal: body fat, hormones, etc. In the mean time there are some super important recovery measures including supplements, nutrition and rest that really seem to help. Everyone is different and have specific needs which may call for more, less or different supplement choices, but here are some of the supplements that I consider a very important part of the plan year round both for health and performance. They are especially important post-show to help things recover and come back into balance:

-Fish oil

-Greens supplement

-Gender specific multi-vitamin (I really like using Progressive Multi-Vitamin for Active Women)


-Vitamin C


-Vitamin D

-A probiotic with live cultures

-Full spectrum digestive enzyme (DigestMore HCl by RenewLife is great)



I was very surprised to walk into Fitness Forum yesterday and see a big poster of show pictures in the main lobby! The owner’s wife, Lynne Pinchin, made it up and placed it there. Talk about motivation to not stray far from the goal off-season shape, lol! Although it does feel a little strange to see the big pictures there and to now have most of the gym members see show pictures (not many knew that I compete), I am so grateful for the support and the fact that they are so excited about the way things worked out really makes me smile. I love working and being there and sharing this with them means a lot to me.

Things are going so well!  Having such a great energy increase, a week filled with family and friends, feeling recovery coming so quickly and with a very quickly building clientele, I have a really great feeling about everything 🙂

Tomorrow is a shorter interval session on the tread mill. I’ll work a couple of sprints in there to see how they feel but am not going to go full-out, especially if things feel “iffy” at that time. I have a feeling things will be fine, though but we’ll see.

I am off for the night. Have a great weekend!


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