Holy junk Food! -The gradual shift to a healthy “off-season” begins

The time right after a show is so funny. If the choice is made to have not so great but very delicious food options, it can seem like party central for your taste buds and can sometimes make it a little more difficult to get back into a nice gradual progression to a clean off-season meal plan. Our bodies do not “like” being super lean and it almost seems like they make every poor food choice taste a bajillion times better than it would normally.

Cravings have never been so unreal! I’m guessing this is part of my body recovering and maybe an attempt to get body fat percentage up to a functional level. Gradually reintroducing options and increasing caloric intake at a slower rate than diving head first into “normal” (whatever that happens to be for you) can make it so much easier on our bodies and it feels a whole lot better, too.

Friends and gym members dropping off treats and wanting to feed the “deprived person some real food” (as one of my gym friends has said, lol) is really a nice gesture but I know eating all of these things is not a good idea, as scrumtious as they look and most likely would taste! There is nothing wrong with delicious foods, but there is something wrong with feeling like crap and overloading our bodies with things they can not properly handle and/or go against our goals of health, fitness and vitality.

I have definitely had my fill of delicious but not very great food options this week, and with being intolerant some things, I know it’s not a great idea to be going overboard. I have started to feel a little like crap! I like eating well and feeling good. It would be a lie if I said I didn’t like the taste of some not so great food options or if I said I would not eat some of these things occasionally, in moderation this off-season, I certainly will, but I like achieving my goals, being healthy and feeling good a lot more.

The gradual progression to the “off-season” meal plan starts from here. The meal plan at this point will look like it did 2 weeks out from the show and will be gradually increased until the off-season meal plan breakdown is reached. With training decreases (going from prep training to off-season training), this should allow my body fat percentage to slowly come back to a healthy/functional level without being too much of a shock and without weight going over a healthy but still manageable level.

I will not be going over 140lbs this off-season, or approximately 14% body fat (stage weight was at about 128 after cutting water and 132 before the final water manipulation plans started). 140lbs (approx 14% bodyfat-results from skin fold measurements) might be considered lean, but it’s a functional, healthy and realistic weight/body fat percentage for my body type and lifestyle habits to allow for. If I were to compete in the Provincials in June, this would only leave a few months for a true “off-season.” So this will make it a lot easier on the body and mind to get back into contest shape, if the choice is made to do that.

Competing really shouldn’t be the only reason for wanting to “look” fit, it should be done for the sake of our own enjoyment, for the sake of feeling good and being healthy. Being able to get into show shape becomes a bonus then, and that’s when it can stay fun. We also continue to see gains and improvements year round when we treat our bodies well with proper rest, great food options and an appropriate training program/meal plan for our specific goals/needs.

I am so excited for this off-season! The training, the meal plan, the relaxation and catch up time šŸ™‚ It’s going to be awesome. It already has been! It will be an adjustment to stick to more gluten-free options, but a well worth it adjustment and one I’m ready and willing to learn from.

This blog really helps me to feel accountable and excited about changes. I’ll be adding more specific meal plan/training in here soon.

Have a great day!!


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