What a Great Experience!

I am so happy with how everything has gone!!! Something that I wasn’t very sure about 100% of the time turned out to be one of the most valuable experiences and I feel a lot was learned and realized this prep. I would not change it.

Steph and I backstage at the night show

I did not see the top 5 call out coming at pre-judging and I just couldn’t stop smiling. It was such a great feeling! The best part was that I knew my family would be there for the night show and I could hear my friends in the crowd. I just wanted to share this with them so much. I ended up placing 2nd in my height class out of 15 girls. There were a lot of beautiful physiques up there and I feel very thankful.

The deliciousness afterward was great and I got to share it with some really awesome people including Steph, my awesome mentor.

The people who have helped and continue to help couldn’t know how much it means to me, but I feel extremely fortunate and grateful for them.

The final water manipulation/carb loading help from Carter Schoffer not only seemed to work very well, but it helped ease my mind and helped me to feel very relaxed with the final bit of prep. He is an extremely brilliant and great person who is very good at what he does. The site for his business, Body Transformation, has information on his services and also recommendations for really great resources. It can be seen HERE.

I am really looking forward to getting more settled into my new position as a Personal Trainer at Fitness Forum and to training a different way this “off-season.” It seems training more “like an athlete” really is helpful and it has become very fun.

Over the next week or so, more yoga, postural corrective and CHEK Zone movements will be performed than weights. The body could use a break after preps and these are very helpful.

The meal plan and training will be added soon, in the mean time I am going to catch up on some things that have been a little neglected and missed. Like my family and friends! I can’t wait to be with them more and with weekends off, this will be so awesome.

One thing I’m also really looking forward to…..not having such a super messy apartment! I am not exactly the best at cleaning up after myself at the best of times, add a little bit more busy times and that equals a pretty large disaster zone. Not an exaggeration lol.

Have the best night and thank you everyone for the messages and encouragement!!! You help to keep everything fun and so valuable. I am a very lucky person.

Congratulations to everyone who competed on Saturday!!!!

Thank you Grant Jones for another very fun shoot! Here is a photo shot by Grant and edited by WP Retouch.


2 thoughts on “What a Great Experience!

  1. Gilly says:

    Very good work. And paid off. And everything is documented to the smallest detail… Good job Renee, and thanks for sharing!

  2. reneeprimeau says:

    Thank you so much Gilly!! It was such an awesome experience and thanks a lot for being so supportive along the way:)
    Happy Movember Shave day!!!

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