Show Day Measurements and it’s that time :)

Good morning!

Being used to the early mornings, now sleeping in didn’t really work out as well as planned, lol. That’s fine though since now there is time to lounge around. We’re not on until later on until about 12:30 or 1, so I can get the second coat/touch ups for the spray tan done for the 10AM appointment and still have plenty of time to relax.

The registration was a bit longer than normal last night, but with a show containing over 200 competitors, that has to be expected. I am very glad to have spray tanned this time, from the way everything felt after registration, bed seemed like the greatest idea on the planet….and I think it was! Standing around for the extra 2-3 hours wouldn’t have been the most amazing time, I’m sure.

With physical changes; by the hour everything seemed (and seems) to be coming together more and more and this morning, it has big time! Now I know the difference a lot of different choices (gluten-free options, different training, and final prep plans (water manipulation/carb choices, etc) during prep can make and it is very, very exciting!

IFBB Pro Stephanie Worsfold will be at the PVL  Mutant Booth with National Level Bodybuilder Renaldo Gairy all day, today passing out free deliciousness, stop by and say hi!

This is going to be a huge show! My class has 16 girls (give or take 1 or 2) and others seem to be around the same size. The other categories for classes looked pretty big as well!

This morning measurements were checked and compared to 14 weeks out:

14 weeks out:                     Show Day1!:

weight: 148lbs                       Weight: approx 128? This a guess. I do not keep a scale in the house but yesterday it was 130lbs and the day prior was 132)

chest: 36.5″                             chest: 33.25″

bicep: 11.5″                              bicep: 10.25″

waist: 27″                                 waist: 23.75″

hips: 36.5″                                hips: 33.25″

thigh: 21.5                               thigh: 19.5″

A 20lb difference and the measurements are absolutely insane to me to look at and still a little bit scary, as well. I do know that without the regularly eaten gluten options, this has made and will continue to make a difference with water retention and most likely body composition, as well but holy crap that seems like a bigger than normal difference.

After registration I spoke with my parents and am really glad they will be at the night show. I am very much looking forward and very ready for some quality (not rushed!) time with them. I love sharing these important things to me with the important people in my life, but really love being able to have more freedom to visit more often and relax with them, as well.

I am ready and so much looking forward to being around them with more time, a full attention span and to have more energy to goof around and joke with them! I miss “normalness” very much lol

I have told myself time wouldn’t be limited with them during prep and that I would have so much time/energy (right up until the show) to hang out whenever I wanted. But being honest about it and really looking at everything involved, it’s going to take away from regular activities at some point and to different degrees depending on the person, the lifestyle and the “intensity” of the prep as well as the person’s ability to deal with it while being as functional as possible.

These are all things I feel okay being honest about now and all things to consider before starting to prep, if this is something that feels like a “good” decision to make 🙂

Time to bum around is soon enough! Today is show day and now I need to do get some final details together and then do something about this hair of mine and white face to very dark tinted skin sweet look I’ve got going on lol.

Very excited to see everyone today!!

Have a great day today and if you are competing, the best of luck to you on your day!!!


2 thoughts on “Show Day Measurements and it’s that time :)

  1. Looking forward to seeing your photos Renee! You are one committed young lady and you should be so proud of yourself, NOT just for this competition, but for ALL the competitions you’ve dedicated yourself to preparing for in the past too. Kudos to you my dear friend… xoxox WIsh I was there rooting for ya!

  2. Gilly says:

    2nd place?! WOOHOOOO!!!!

    Congratulations!! G.

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