Measurements at 2 Days Out

This morning I am certainly feeling depleted! Lol. Tasks seem to be a little extra taxing and my brain has a little fog going on. By tonight, I will be super ready to begin carb loading. I’ve never depleted this much and it will be so cool to see what difference it makes! This morning I feel very flat and am going to take pictures for personal reference, at the end of the day before taking in carbs to see the difference from this carb depletion and carb loading.

At 2 Days Out measurements and weight were checked and compared to 14 weeks out:

14 Weeks Out                                                                            2 Days Out

Weight: 148lbs                                                                        Weight: 132lbs

Chest: 36.5″                                                                              Chest: 33.5″

Bicep: 11.5″                                                                               Bicep: 10.5″

Waist: 27″                                                                                  Waist: 24″

Hips: 36.5″                                                                                Hips: 33.5″

Thigh: 21.5                                                                                Thigh: 20″

132 lbs is really light for me and the numbers have never looked like this before. It’s really weird to see them like that actually and really makes me start thinking ahead to off-season. There is always a little worry in the back of my mind about things “blowing up” after the show as everything gets smaller and smaller. But I do know that my relationship with food is now not an all or nothing approach to food options (there were times in the past where is seemed like it could have been).

Feeling good, not lethargic and uncomfortable, being at a healthy body fat percentage and growing to feel comfortable with a healthy off-season shape is important and necessary to have a truly healthy and balanced life.

Being in contest shape for a show or shoot is cool for interest’s sake and for the challenge/experience of it, but it is not a healthy state to be in and especially not for extended periods of time. And being strong and feminine while carrying a healthy amount of body fat truly is a lot more attractive for “real life” than being in stage condition.

There will be a couple of days for indulgence, and I will have times where the “not so great” options are taken in, in moderation but feeling lethargic and bloated are not very enjoyable things, which can come with an overload of some food options.

An off-season plan has been laid out and I am super excited to learn from it! Being more vigilant with gluten-free options will be a very big learning experience.

After the show and at mom and dad’s there will be more than a couple of treats I’m sure lol 🙂 I’m feeling a bit cautious but interested in seeing how these options affect me in the next couple of days after the show (I will still be more careful even then, but I’m sure a non-gluten free option or two will be in there).

Today I pick up the last little details for show day! It’s crazy how close it is and so exciting!!!

Good luck to everyone competing on Saturday with the last couple of days!!!


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