The Last Depletion Workout and SareTheFish Photography

hi there! Today was the final workout which seems very crazy! This was a “depletion workout” like the others starting from Sunday; a circuit of upper body movements repeated to failure. It’s funny how each day weights feel so much heavier! You can feel less and less power behind the movements as the workout goes on and by the end of the one today, muscle felt pretty “empty” and there wasn’t all that much strength behind the movements. This is the plan going to work.

Photo by Sarah Dick for SareTheFish Photography during the first depletion workout this past Sunday.

The idea behind “depleting” muscle of glycogen (stored carbohydrate) is that when we are depleted and then “refill” our glycogen stores in the muscle or “carb load,” the muscle will store more glycogen which can make it appear more full. It’s such a cool process and I’m very excited to see how things go.

There were no carbs taken in today and won’t be tomorrow until the last meal of the night. This is meant to further deplete glycogen stores. Carb loading starts with the last meal of the night tomorrow night. I haven’t decided on the source yet, baked potatoes will be used for most of Friday, but I might choose a more fibrous carb like quinoa or sweet potato to make sure there’s some fiber in there (veggies will be limited a bit starting Friday afternoon).

At this point, sleep interruptions are common (neurotransmitter production can be affected during prep). Having turkey breast or extra lean ground turkey with the last couple of meals each day seems to have helped. I am not sure it’s enough to make a huge difference but turkey contains tryptophan which helps in the production of serotonin and melatonin (important for things like sleep and feelings of wellbeing and relaxation). A calcium/magnesium supplement along with vitamin D at nighttime can help with relaxation and a more restful sleep, as well.

Watertight by PVL was started today, and now the gradual decrease in water intake starts until Friday where starting at noon (changed from 2PM), 1L of water will last until after the night show (small sips only).

I am getting more and more excited!!!! I wasn’t completely sure at first, but am so glad the decision was reached to do this show. It feels like so much has been learned and gained. I couldn’t be happier with the way things seem to be happening and it’s a such a great feeling 🙂

This morning weight and measurements were not checked but they will be tomorrow morning.

Thank you so much to Sarah Dick of SareTheFish Photography for the shoot this Sunday at Fitness Forum. You are awesome Sarah and have huge things coming your way! There will be a guest blog from Sarah in the near future.

Have a great night!!


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