Back from Grant’s Shoot and a Rough Outline of the Final Prep Plans

Hi! Yesterday was the shoot with Grant Jones for Digiography. The trip there and back was really relaxing and we had a lot of fun hanging out and shooting. He gives a disc with the negatives to choose from and then he works on them before sending them back. A few have been chosen and sent to him to edit. I’m really excited to see how it goes! I am not sure when they will come back but I am excited for when they do!

The other idea we’re working on includes sending one of the unedited pictures to a digital artist to be manipulated. Seeing how that shot looks at the beginning and then afterward will be awesome! It may be  a while before getting that idea sent back. The things that can be done in Photoshop is crazy and if this turns out the way we’re imagining it, it will be pretty cool.

Tonight depletion workouts start! This is a circuit of upper body movements completed to failure in an attempt to further deplete glycogen stores. It will also be the final night of post resistance training stair sprints.

My final leg days in the past have always been the Monday before a show, but this time the final day was Thursday (the way it worked with the regular training split). I have heard that training them no sooner than a week before the show date can make them “come in” better by limiting lower body water retention. I guess we’ll see!

Here is a rough outline of the next few days leading up to the show, each day 35g of protein is still taken in at each meal, 2 servings of fat (udo’s oil)are taken in and veggies are eaten with 4 or 5 out of the 6-7 meals. Distilled water is being used:


AM: anaerobic cardio session **followed by 20g carb/35g protein meal

PM: depletion workout/ stair sprints **followed by 20g carb/35g protein meal

Water intake: 6L


AM: anaerobic cardio session **followed by 20g carb/35g protein meal

PM: depletion workout  **followed by 35g protein/no carb meal

Water intake: 7L


AM: Moderate-steady state cardio session **followed by 20g or no carbs (haven’t 100% decided yet ) and 35g of protein

PM: depletion circuit **followed by 35g protein/no carb meal

Water intake: 8L


Begin Herbal diuretic at full dose (water tight by PVL has been used with each prep)

AM: Moderate-steady state cardio session **followed by 35 g protein/no carb meal

PM: depletion circuit **followed by 35g or protein/no carb meal

Water intake: 4L


AM: moderate-steady state cardio session/posing or yoga/posing **followed by 35g protein/no carb meal

PM: no training! not very sure whether carb loading will start Thursday, Friday or maybe not even until Saturday, it will be figured out soon!

Water intake: 3L


possibly carb loading?

No training

Water intake: 1L until 2PM then make 1 L last until after the night show on Saturday (small sips).


Show day!!!! (food choices to be started soon)

I’m not sure if this way of loading and cutting water is a “perfect” one, but it seemed to work well last time so we’ll see how it goes this time.

Since the last time weight was checked (Friday) I am down by 2 more lbs. I was not sure whether that was okay or too much since I haven’t really kept an eye on weight that closely at this point for other preps. Some explanations and examples of “normal” weight loss that can be expected at this point from Carter Schoffer helped ease my mind a bit.

I become terrified of losing too much muscle but I think things will work out fine and like I’ve been told in the past by Steph, I need to stop thinking so much “like a guy” when it comes to feeling like I’m shrinking, too much.

It is just a little hard to figure things out sometimes since every prep feels so different from the other, but I am learning and really starting to see the importance of tracking things even more closely from prep to prep.

I’m looking forward to shooting with Sarah Dick tonight at Fitness Forum. Sarah is a photographer from London Ontario with super cool and interesting concepts! We’re not planning anything fancy, just shooting during a training session but it will be cool to meet her in person and see where those awesome ideas of hers come from.

Have a great day today!


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