1 Week Out Measurements

This morning measurements were taken and compared to 14 weeks out. It seems like everything is reacting really well to the just under  2 week out plan changes.

Body fat percentage was 17.61% at 14 weeks out and I have not checked since 4 weeks out, then it was around 9% and I’m guessing it’s at about 7 now, from our measurements. I’m still questioning whether this number is accurate or not (it looks super low) but have used it as a gauge to see that things are changing.

Here are measurements from 14 weeks out and measurements from this morning at just over 1 week out:

14 weeks out                                                                        1 Week out

Weight: 148lbs                                                                                     Weight: 135lbs

Chest: 36.5″                                                                                            Chest: 34″

Bicep: 11.5″                                                                                             Bicep: 10.75″

Waist: 27″                                                                                                Waist: 24.25″

Hips: 36.5″                                                                                              Hips: 34″

Thigh: 21.5″                                                                                            Thigh: 20″

Waist measurements have never been this low and I’m thinking being without gluten for this long and supplementing more with a full spectrum digestive enzyme containing HCl (Digest More HCl by RenewLife) as water intake increases is helping there. Digestion has improved from these changes and has decreased bloat a lot, as well. The other changes seem like they could be favourable, as well. More upper body muscle seems like it has been maintained and legs seem to be a bit leaner than normal. Weight is only 1lb heavier than it was at 3 days out from UFE  in April. The goal in the back of my mind was to be “close” to weight and measurements from UFE (April 10th). A lot of the time, I was really not sure whether that would happen or not.  Now with the way things are going, any other change is a bonus and I feel a lot more relaxed about everything.

This afternoon it’s time to head off to the Falls to work with Grant and I can’t wait!!!

Have a great day today!


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