Shoot With Grant Jones for Digiography

Tomorrow afternoon I’m heading down to Niagara Falls to shoot with Grant Jones from Digiography. I really love working with Grant and am looking forward to both the quiet trip down and to hanging out.

His creativity is awesome and a lot of times, there isn’t even really a plan in mind. We just throw a bunch of stuff together and see what happens. Tonight was spent packing and I’ve thrown together every piece of jewelry, scarf, material, dress, piece of clothing and anything else that could possibly be used. It’s so exciting and with his studio packed with different accessories, and other awesome things that can be used, it’s a lot like playing dress up.

We do have one idea that includes a little project with a very skilled Graphic Designer. I’m really excited to see the way this comes together!

More of Grant’s work can be seen HERE.

A plan for the final week is being put together and the way things are changing each day is really cool.

Last night I had a moment where I was really made aware that I’m just about ready to get back to my “normal”. My brother called. With both of us being on the go a lot lately, we haven’t spoken in a while and it was really good to talk to him. Over the past little while, some conversations and visits with people I care about have been pretty rushed or limited. I don’t like that. I am very, very excited about next Saturday and love what I am learning from this prep, but I am also feeling like I’m missing out on a lot of quality time with important people.

I have heard some other competitors state feeling like this when training increases and some time with friends/family is different and I know I’ve felt like this in past preps. These feelings kick in quite a bit more when show day gets closer. Very soon we will see each other a lot more frequently, especially with the new saweeet schedule change at work.

All things to look forward to after a lot of other things to also look forward to!

Perceptions and feelings about everything can change more frequently as show day gets closer, from being excited to feeling unsure, to excited again. Not taking these feelings too seriously keeps the fun in it and helps us learn a lot about ourselves and the process. It’s normal to not feel 100% great all the time so close to a show and very normal around carb depletion, if your plan includes it.

Measurements are being checked again tomorrow. Things seem to be changing very quickly and I want to keep an eye on it to see how the changes in the plan are affecting things.

Have a great night tonight!


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