Measurements at Just Under 2 Weeks Out

There have been a lot of times during this prep where I questioned whether or not things would come together okay. I just did the best I could to look past it and just let the plan go to work. This was a little tough at times with the strange things my body was doing. Weight was really heavy for me and changed frequently from heavier to lighter, water swings were making it more difficult to really know what was going on and when the gluten was cut out completely (at the start of prep) my body seemed to have a tough and “strange” time getting used to it, at first. I have heard this can happen to people even when intolerant, but wow was it a weird experience.

It feels like things are coming together differently from other shows and I’m really interested to see how everything changes leading up to it. It seems there is more upper body muscle, from measurements my waist has never been this small at this point in prep and legs….well…we’ll just see what they decide to do lol. They have never been super lean but, following the plan, we’ll see how things end up.

Here are the measurements from 14 weeks out and from this morning at just under 2 weeks out

14 weeks out 2 Weeks Out

Weight: 148lbs                                                                                         Weight: 136lbs

BF% 17.61                                                                                                  BF% somewhere around 7-8% (when it starts to dip super low, I lose interest in seeing the number. Signs that things are changing from clothes, measurements and pictures will be enough right now).

Chest: 36.5″                                                                                              Chest: 34

Bicep: 11.5″                                                                                                 Bicep: 11″

Waist: 27″                                                                                                  Waist: 24.75″

Hips: 36.5″                                                                                                 Hips: 34.5″

Thigh: 21.5″                                                                                              Thigh: 20.25″

It feels so encouraging to see things coming together and I’m so excited. Good luck to all competitors with these final couple of weeks!

Have a great day today!!


One thought on “Measurements at Just Under 2 Weeks Out

  1. Heather C. says:

    Wow Renee! Those are amazing measurements….you must be feeling great about that. And still 2 weeks to go….keep up the amazing work!

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