Meal Plan Changes at Just Under 2 Weeks Out

Hi! The shoot with Bill on Sunday was really fun. RescindX Clothing sponsored it with some sweet new designs and Bill had pictures sent that night. He is awesome like that and a super laid back person to work with.


Photo by Bill Cresswell



Some changes to the meal plan starting now are:

-Cut out any high sodium containing condiments (spices are still used: curry powder, tumeric, nutmeg, italian seasoning, garlic, etc)

-approx 5L of water per day – distilled(will figure out how much exactly is being taken in later on, which will be helpful when it comes time to begin loading and then cutting water)

-Decrease carbohydrate servings by 1/3 to help further deplete glycogen stores (in preparation for the pre-show carb loading or carb/fat loading. I’m not too sure which way it will go, yet)

-Increase intake of veggies from sources that limit bloating and/or have a diuretic effect (eg: asparagus, cucumber, celery, spinach) and limit veggie intake from sources that could cause bloating, if they were being taken in (eg: broccoli, brussel sprouts)

-Begin using Digest More HCl by Renew Life with 4 out of 6 meals (instead of just at breakfast and post workout, which is what was being done). Digestion seems to become impaired a bit around this time. I’m guessing a big part of it is from the higher than normal water intake which can prevent us from producing enough HCl.


Photo by Bill Cresswell



With some of these changes, it’s normal for muscle to appear more “flat” and/or for performance levels to decrease during training. It sort of begins to feel like your muscle is running out of force or power behind the movements (“running out of gas”). Keeping in mind that it is just the plan going to work helps to avoid any unnecessary frustration.


Photo by Bill Cresswell



Meals are the same on cardio only and resistance training/cardio days, only the meal timing changes.

Meal Plan Breakdown

-Meals timed every 2.5 -3 (never more than 3) hours apart

-30g of protein per meal for 6-7 meals (approx 180-210g of protein/day=720-840cal)

-15g of fat (udo’s oil) with 2 non-carb containing meals (270cal)

-20g of carbs with 2 meals (80cal)

-Veggies are at about 2 cups each meal with 4 – 5 meals and are not counted toward the daily caloric intake.

So each day approx: 1070- 1190 calories are taken in. This is not a lot and, in my opinion, is actually pretty low. After hearing how low some competitors meal plans are or have been in the past, I do feel a bit spoiled, though!

Everyone is different but for me personally, I wouldn’t want to drop lower than this any sooner than 2 weeks out (if at all) to help prevent burning out and to help limit post-show rebounding. It’s great to come in the way you want to for the show, but thinking about what you would like for the rest of the year as well, makes decisions a lot easier to make.

An offseason plan will be put together to follow the show and I’ll have it ready before the show is over. This worked really well last time and I think I’ll always enjoy having some sort of laid out plan to refer to.

I am feeling a bit more tired but am also very excited which really helps things along. Work is energizing and I am sure it is a big part of why everything feels so manageable right now (moods (for the most part lol), energy, etc).

Tomorrow measurements and weight will be checked. Have a great night tonight!




One thought on “Meal Plan Changes at Just Under 2 Weeks Out

  1. […] This morning measurements were taken and compared to 14 weeks out. It seems like everything is reacting really well to the just under  2 week out plan changes. […]

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