Fun Stuff

Hi! There are so many fun things going on and this has been (and will keep being!) a very exciting Month.

Steph has booked the hall for the Stephanie Worsfold Classic! You can see it by clicking the link here. The official date is May 7,2011!

Congratulations to RescindX Sponsored athlete and true beauty from Montreal, Quebec, Jenny Beland! She placed 1st at Fitness Star World Championships this past weekend! Congrats Jenny!

Jenny Beland

Midori Rutledge from London, Ontario competed for the very first time at Fitness Star, as well and placed 1st in Bikini and 1st for Bikini overall. She is now going to compete at the UFE Nationals this weekend in Hamilton!

Angela and Rita are super close to their show, the UFE Nationals. They are into their final  days of prep. Especially with this being our first time working together, speaking daily as we get closer really helps me and them get an idea of how they are reacting to the last bit of the plan. Can’t wait to see them on stage this weekend! You guys are going to be great!!

This coming Sunday, following the UFE Nationals, Bill Cresswell and I will be doing another fun shoot at Fitness Forum. It always just feels like hanging out with Bill and when you’re training or posing he just goes about taking shots while you do your thing without being imposing at all. This helps to make everything super relaxed and fun.

Photo by Bill Cresswell from our gym shoot last prep

On the 20th of November, Grant Jones from Digiography and I will be working together. I love shooting with Grant and have learned a lot from him. With every shoot it feels like something completely different comes of it and the idea we’ve come up with this time with is so exciting. We’re working on an idea with a super skilled photo manipulator that will be really cool to see when it comes together! Very fun stuff 🙂

Have a great day today!


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