3 weeks out Numbers

Hi! It’s now 3 weeks out from the London OPA show and the numbers were checked and compared to 14 weeks out. Body fat% has not been checked this week, but since the last time it was checked it was around 9.13%, the guess is to be somewhere around 8%. I’m beginning to question our measurements since this seems very low, but it’ll just be taken as an indication that things are changing without focusing so much on the actual number. The actual numbers really aren’t all that important anyway, they can just be fun and helpful to track for comparisons and reassurance that the plan is working as things get further along.

14 weeks out                                                    3 Weeks Out

Weight: 148 lbs                                               Weight: 140lbs (my weight is always pretty high for my size. I say that a lot lol

BF% 17.61                                                         BF%: Guess: approx 8% (9.13% at just over 4 weeks out)

Chest: 36.5″                                                      Chest: 34.75″

Bicep: 11.5″                                                       Bicep: 11″

Waist: 27″                                                          Waist: 25″

Hips: 36.5″                                                        Hips: 35″

Thigh: 21.5″                                                     Thigh: 20.5″

Energy levels are good for the most part but when it’s time for bed I am definitely ready! (As long as there is a good amount of time between training and bed time).  This switch in training is amazing and leaving me the sweatiest person in the world…well, maybe not quite because I’m guessing that would probably be pretty bad, but it’s pretty friggin challenging, that’s for sure!

Training sessions have been started a bit earlier now to ensure proper wind down time before it’s time to sleep. There will be no changes made to the meal plan this week.

Good luck to everyone competing in Fitness Star and IDFA Today!!! A big huge good luck to Midori Rutledge from London, Ontario and RescindX Sponsored Athlete, Jenny Beland who will both be on the Fitness Star Stage today in Toronto!

Rita practicing her posing, last week. Photo by Bill Cresswell

1 week today Rita Catolino and Angela Rivard will be on the UFE National stage! The final stretch ladies!!!

Angela practicing her posing, last week. Photo by Bill Cresswell


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