Rita and Angela-Just over 1 week out from the UFE Nationals

Good morning!

It is now just over a week away from UFE Nationals for both Rita Catolino and Angela Rivard. Angela and I met up yesterday to go over her plan and she continues to look incredible. Her abs have come through so well and she has definitely kept her upper body fullness.

Angela Rivard, Photo by CJ ActionpixPro

Rita is doing fantastic as well! From her feedback and excitement over the past couple of days, things are going really well for her. We will be meeting this weekend.

Rita Catolino, Photo by CJ ActionpixPro

Starting  in a couple of day, things will be switched up a bit to get further into our final days of prep!

It’s so awesome to hear how excited they are! Their companionship through prepping for shows is so great and they really help to encourage and push each other along. Best of all, they have a lot of fun with the whole process.

1 week Saturday girls!!!


3 thoughts on “Rita and Angela-Just over 1 week out from the UFE Nationals

  1. Angela Rivard says:

    Thanks for all your advice and direction Renee, you’re the best.
    Rita and I do work hard and we’re disciplined but we don’t take ourselves to serious, we have alot of fun throughout the whole process.
    Almost there- 1 week to go!!!
    What a pleasure working with you!

  2. Rita says:

    Thank you Renee for the support. It has been a great journey, and doing it with a friend always is more supportive, motivating and a lot more fun!! Your expertise during this last phase, which for me with is always filled with self doubt, has proven invaluable. We are almost at the finish line!!!!
    p.s. my butt kills!!!

  3. reneeprimeau says:

    You two have been so great to work with! Hardworking and awesome in about a million ways. 1 week today and you are going to be so fantastic. You already are! Talk to you soon! 😀

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