3/4 Week out Meeting with Steph

Tonight Steph and I met and I’m so glad we did! It’s been the most difficult I can remember it ever being to tell how things are going lately and it just feels so motivating to meet with her and get feedback. She says that things are coming along fine and are lean enough for 3 weeks from the shoot 4 weeks out from the show, but muscle and some “thickness” still needs to come down more.

Training has been switched up to help this (a sample will be added soon!) and the meal plan has been changed to drop one of the two post workout carbs on resistance training days. This makes both cardio only and weight training days 60g carb days. I feel like this will help things along really well and am very excited for the changes.

The new schedule at Fitness Forum starts soon! I’ll be switching over completely to Personal Training starting Monday, November 8. I am so excited and have program designs on the brain! I’ve met a few new clients this week and can’t wait to get started with them.

I asked Steph what she thought about still doing morning cardio before the new shifts since wake time would be 4AM to do them and she said it’s not a good idea and everything will still be fine if cardio is done post weights starting then. Phew! Without enough rest, we can over-train a lot more easily and can burn out. I’m very happy to have the reinforcement and the reassurance that things will be fine with the schedule change.

Cardio will be done after weights only starting next week and on Saturdays and Sundays (days off work) it will be done in the morning and after resistance training.

I have a great feeling that there are some excellent changes on the way!

Photo By Bill Cresswell

Thanks so much to Bill Cresswell for taking such great shots during the posing session on Friday. You rock Bill! It was a great time. Good luck to Midori Rutlidge who is competing for the first time at the Fitness Star Toronto show this weekend.

Have a great night!


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