3 Weeks Out

Good morning! There is a whole lot of PMS talk in this entry.

Steph and I should be getting together this weekend. I feel like at this point I need a bit more feedback than normal. It’s always difficult to tell how things are going and especially the closer the goal date comes.

Even though with a delayed period has come a pretty intense PMS symptoms including a pretty large amount of water retention again (about 7lbs), she still seems to be able to see past that and lets me know if everything is on track, ahead or if I should kick it up a notch or switch things around. The water gain didn’t seem all that bad but seems to increase day-by-day. Hopefully that will all change soon….anytime now would be great.

Unless Steph has other suggestions, the changes and things to remember beginning at 3 weeks out will be:

Training: increase stair sprints post workout from 10 to 15-20 at Fitness Forum which is a change from 10 minutes to about 15-20 minutes.

Nutrition: drop highest carb day (the 120 g day). This makes carb days alternate between 30g, 60g or 90g days. Fat and protein intake remain the same.

Be sure to take in 4L of water per day.

Attitude: Remember, feeling frustrated with your body for not co-operating (this water retention), does not change anything. Regardless of how annoying it can feel sometimes. It will change soon.

There is a difference in brain function and I can notice more anxious feelings (especially with where things are at in the monthly cycle). This makes keeping organized important and really paying attention to the task at hand. When things are done like this, you might even notice you become a lot more productive. It’s a big energy saver, too.

I’ve been looking back at training logs and blogs from last prep and they help a lot. It’s reassuring to read similar things that happened last time (feeling irritable with increased PMS symptoms and water swings). Some thing are actually the exact same as last time which is super reassuring.

I’m not sure others notice it right now (at least hopefully not) but during “prep PMS” which is completely different from “off-season PMS” it feels like the way I think and look at things takes almost a complete 180, at times. Although these differences definitely don’t feel great, they are interesting and taking note of them helps you learn and understand things better each time. Knowing that it’s just the way things are sometimes during prep makes it easier to keep things in check and go on as per normal. But wow can I ever notice a huge difference around this time!

“Prep PMS” Symptoms in Cartoon Form

When feeling a bit tired during monthly changes, a change in your thought process and moods can further take away from energy levels. Keeping an eye on it helps a lot so you can make the best use of energy…..and not hate life for however long the symptoms decide to hang around.

Now that some males who are reading this may be totally weirded out by reading about periods and PMS, have a great day!


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