Exciting Things!

There are so many exciting things happening!!!

Steph is having her first show in London, Ontario on May 7th, 2010: The Stephanie Worsfold Classic OPA Natural Ontario Qualifier: Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Bodybuilding Championships. It’s between a couple of locations but will be decided upon soon! There will be lots of exciting things going on both before and during that day: posing workshops, guest speakers and awesome show sponsors that have already started to be lined up. Very exciting 🙂

The Stephanie Worsfold Classic: May 7, 2010 in London Ontario

Angela Rivard had her shoot with CJ Actionpix yesterday and had an awesome time. Her water manipulation worked great for the shoot and now I have a good idea of how we’ll go about things for her final week. Pictures from her shoot coming soon!

Friday we’ll be getting together for some posing practice! Rita Catolino and Mari Ivan are also competing in the UFE Nationals and will be joining us as well. Rita and Mari are competing in the Bikini category at the Nationals and always look great.

I’ll be backstage at Nationals for any bikini biting, make-up or hair help, tan touch-ups, posing oil, peanut-buttering rice cakes (?), anything you need just come grab me!

It’s just over 3 weeks from the shoot with X-Processed and we’re on the hunt for a run-down, grimy looking place for a really cool idea ( sewer look or alley way sort of looking place for the background) in the Toronto area. The tricky part is it has to be indoors and not a stand-alone/abandoned structure since it would be too cold. Any suggestions are more than welcome!

Yesterday was the lowest carb day and training was done a little bit later than normal, so last night’s sleep wasn’t the best, but with today being the higher carb day tonight’s sleep will be better.

Checking body fat percentage I am at about 9.13%. Weight/measurements will also be checked in a little while. Even though this is the time where some extra water is held (it will be down again in 4-5 days) , it seems things are changing quickly still and I’ll be checking in with Steph this weekend to make sure things aren’t changing too quickly. I didn’t think that would be a possible problem 🙂

I’m very excited about the London show which is just over 4 weeks away and I’m so glad I chose to do it. This week the adventure is to find a new pair of clear stage shoes (the ones I am used to are too high in the front for OPA standards). I better get some soon since I pretty much live in running shoes/sneakers! It would probably be a good idea to get some practice in lol.

Shopping for these is always interesting! You can find these at stores for exotic dancers which have a lot of other interesting pairs of shoes (and other things). Some of the shoes in there make you think how in the eff can someone walk in those??

The only changes to training have been adding in 10 minutes of stair sprints post resistance training. This is meant to help legs (quads) come in a bit leaner since they tend to take a little longer than everything else. Nutrition has not been changed at all, but might be after seeing Steph Saturday. With the complete circuits being done, it feels like my body is really using everything up and I’m not sure taking out any carbs would be really necessary (or maybe I’m just hoping lol). I guess we’ll see!

Starting within the next week or two I’ll begin the complete switch to working on the floor with clients. This is so exciting and I can’t wait!!

The change came more quickly than expected and it will change the training schedule quite a bit, but when I sat down and looked at the way things can be organized (meals and training), everything will work out great. Work/clients comes first, but I would have felt a bit disappointed if I couldn’t work well and prep at the same time. Mapping out a possible new prep schedule has been really reassuring.

With so many exciting things happening, although it is busy, it’s helping with motivation so much. It’s almost better being busier sometimes, as long as things are organized. It helps to just let the prep happen without over-thinking things since there are other things you have to focus on.

Have a great day today! I am off for some morning step mill intervals aka: a super sweat-fest.


7 thoughts on “Exciting Things!

  1. Heather C. says:

    Hi Renee! I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy keeping up on your blog…you are such a positive, energetic person, and it gives me a boost and some motivation hearing about your improvements and accomplishments! Keep up the great work and have fun at your shoot! xo

    • reneeprimeau says:

      Heather thanks a lot! It really helps to keep me feeling accountable and a lot of fun to write in.
      Thanks so much for the feedback and wellwishes 🙂 I’m getting really excited!
      I hope to see you at the gym soon! The new hours will mostly be early days and I think that’s when you’re in most? Talk to you soon 🙂

  2. Angela Rivard says:

    Steph’s show is going to be amazing!! So exciting.

  3. reneeprimeau says:

    Thank you Ange:) Talk to you soon!

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