Schedule/Work Changes

Good morning! There have been a couple of changes with work/life thrown into the mix which will change the training schedule. As soon as some things are finalized (new work times, etc). I’ll be able to get a new plan put in place and do my best to keep things moving along.

These are changes that are exciting, but it was definitely a shock that they will be taking place sooner than I thought they would. I thought it would be late November before any scheduling changes would take place.

One example of a change is very shortly work days will begin at 5:45 AM. This is a good switch for me, when not training in the morning, since getting up at 5 AM has become a new normal.

With my schedule now, even with early morning training for prep this still allows me to dilly dally a bit, do some things on the computer, listen to music, relaxation and then get to the gym to train by 6AM or shortly after. Afterward I can still head home, get ready, relax and have lots of time to be at work for 9.

If training was kept the way it is now, wake time would be at about 4AM to get to the gym, train, eat, shower and be ready to begin at 5:45 AM. No relax time before or after included. I’ve worked in such a comfortable schedule and might even be a bit OCD with my morning routine lol

I really want to be happy with my condition and things seem to be moving along so well, now. I decided to do the show recently when it felt like the “right time” and that things were coming together to be stage ready, anyway. I still know I can make things work but in the back of my mind, the changes do worry me a bit. There’s a part of me that wonders if it will just be too much to handle with these new things and prepping.

Instead of working in the office during the day, I’m making a change to work on the gym floor with clients, more. I can’t wait to begin this! I love working with people and seeing the changes clients go through, both physically and mentally right in front of you is amazing. Being functional enough to work with my clients and give them the attention/help they deserve is a priority. If my energy levels aren’t enough to do a great job, things will need to change. Maybe morning cardio will be moved to after resistance training or resistance training will be changed, I really don’t know right now but things will work out!


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