Goooo Angela! 3 Weeks Out

Angela Rivard is now 3 weeks out from the UFE Nationals in Hamilton Ontario. She looks absolutely phenomenal and has been working very hard. Her drive is awesome and inspiring and even with her busy life, she has really made everything work.

Her plan has not needed to change all that much from the 7 week out point since she continues to react really well to the plan while feeling functional and energetic enough for her workouts and throughout the day. Movements in her training split as well as reps and rest times have been changed up to keep her body reacting. She has certainly seen changes; her rear delts and upper back have seen awesome improvements and her shoulders appear to be more full.

The goals set at the beginning were: to feel “functional” with the prep meal plan and to maintain or even increase fullness in her upper body. These goals have definitely been reached and with 3 weeks to go still, Angela is super close to being ready.

If at the two-week out point things need to change, one more session of anaerobic cardio will be added in (20 minutes of sprint intervals). Right now, Angela does not need to perform more than 2 sessions of cardio per week (step mill intervals) along with a 4 day weight training split.

She has a photo shoot coming up which she will be manipulating her water a little bit for. This is great because it gives us a chance to see how she reacts.

Updates from the shoot and pictures will be added soon!!!

3 weeks Ange! You are doing amazing!!!!

Check out the blog entries at Angela’s 7 week out point and at 6 weeks out.


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