4 Weeks Out

4 weeks from the shoot with X-Processed Photo and 5 weeks from the London OPA Show.

RescindX Clothing, my amazing Sponsors. Thanks so much Bruce.

Good morning! All of a sudden everything seems so much further ahead than the last prep, which is awesome. I really don’t remember things looking like this with 4 weeks left and it’s kind of weird. It’s probably good but really crazy how everything has seemed to change so fast. I’ll ask Steph what she thinks, but if I’m not just seeing things and everything is going as well as it seems, there might not need to be any changes with the meal plan or training right now.

As the goal date gets closer I always worry too much muscle is being lost and Steph always laughs at me for this. She says I think “like a guy” thinking I’m “shrinking” lol. I am starting to see this is a bit true but it’s still really helpful to have the reassurance that things are going okay. Some days I just feel so small and other days just not sure at all. It’s pretty funny how the way you see yourself can change from day to day. There’s not really any sense in taking these views seriously and if I did I think I would be a giant bag of stress lol.

Sleep quality is hit and miss right now. On lower carb intake days, it isn’t that great and I’ll wake up frequently during the night. The trick is staying in bed instead of getting up and doing things, which is what I’ve done in previous preps. This made it pretty difficult to get back to sleep. Bed time is really early right now to get some extra time in bed in case it is interrupted during the night. I’ll get to bed 9 hours before wake up time. I don’t see this as taking away from free time since it’s a lot easier to be productive and get things done during the day with more rest.

To-do lists, post it notes, scheduling and other reminders are super helpful. If you feel some scatter-brainedness come about staying organized limits feeling stressed out or overwhelmed.

Andriy and I have been emailing back and forth thinking of different locations to shoot at and I couldn’t be more excited! With his creativity and the concepts we’ve gone over, I  can’t wait!! The date is still on for November 2oth! It’s been really fun to look at different magazines, sites and shoots to spark ideas and put everything together.

From The first shoot with Bill Cresswell....Bill rocks

Bill Cresswell has been another awesome person to work with for a couple of years, now. He’s so laid back and a lot of fun to be around. We’ll be working together for another gym shoot at Fitness Forum which will be on November 13th. RescindX Clothing will be sponsoring the shoot with a sweet design and I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Have a great day today 🙂


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