Measurements and Slow Brain Syndrome

At a couple of days over 4 weeks from the shoot with X-processed Photo and just over 5 weeks out from the London OPA Show measurements were taken. Here they are compared to 14 weeks out.

14 weeks out                                   4 Weeks out

weight: 148lbs                                             Weight: 142lbs

BF%: 17.61                                                    BF% 10.39

Chest: 36.5″                                                  Chest: 35.5″

Bicep: 11.5″                                                   Bicep: 11.25″

Waist: 27″                                                      Waist: 25.5″

Hips: 36.5″                                                    Hips: 35.5″

Quad: 21.5″                                                   Quad: 21″

My weight (the number always being high, even with a low body fat percentage) was at 148lbs on Saturday when I went to see Steph. This is why I was a little freaked out at that time, it hadn’t changed at all since starting. I thought everything looked leaner, my body fat percentage was changing, but I started to wonder if I was imagining things. That’s when Steph said I had added muscle to my frame this prep (which can affect weight quite a bit) and needed to bring it down a bit.

Weight has changed by about 6lbs since seeing Steph which was only 5 days ago. That is a lot in one week, but I’ve heard with rotating carbs the way I am right now that weight can fluctuate a lot from day-to-day, with the lowest weight being after the lowest carb day (which was yesterday). With weight fluctuations being pretty common all the time with me (and especially during prep) I’m not really concerned, but will keep an eye on it.

I’m looking forward to getting a few more meals in me today since I can really feel the effects of the plan going to work. I’m guessing it’s from being at the low carb part of the rotation yesterday and I am feeling a little “slow” and anxious this morning.

Different feelings are not at all uncommon as the show/shoot date gets closer. It’s interesting how your thought process and the way you perceive things can be affected. This can happen to anyone and does not mean there is anything wrong with you. Recognizing the changes lets you step back a bit and “observe” instead of being overcome by whatever you’re feeling. This way you can stay interested in the process, remain functional and can see it as pretty funny instead of feeling overwhelmed. You can also continue to learn from it/enjoy it this way. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll always be energetic and 100% you, but it definitely helps a lot and you learn a ton about yourself and the whole process.

Off to work! I hope you have a great day!


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