Back/Triceps Day-Supersets and Drop Sets for “Bringing Down” Muscle

Hi! Today was the first day of the new training with complete circuits and drop sets. With the advice of Steph, the idea behind this is to bring down some muscle while still becoming leaner.

Please keep in mind that some contest prep type training and meal plans should be thought of as “sport specific” and perhaps not the best choices for healthy lifestyle changes or goals. Changes for long-term goals should be enjoyable and challenging but allow for proper recovery and rest so that you can continue to progress and see changes while feeling great.

Here is an example of what Back/Triceps day looked like today:

Dynamic Warm-Up (10 minutes)

Movement 1: Wide Grip Pronated Lat Pulldown Drop Set- starting at a weight that allows for 15 reps, immediately bring the weight down by 20lbs- complete to failure, bring it down by 20lbs again- complete to failure, repeat one more time to equal 4 sets. Move immediately to movement 2.

Movement 2: Bent over dumbbell rows Drop Set using the same idea as movement 1

Movement 3: a) Straight Arm Pressdown supersetted with 3 b)

sets: 4

reps: 12-15 (to failure)

b) Seated Row. Move immediately back to a)

sets: 4

reps: 12-15(to failure)

See video of this superset from last prep

Sit up straight and keep your back more stable than the video for the seated rows.

Movement 4: a) Dumbbell Triceps Extension supersetted with 4 b)

sets: 4

Reps: 12-15(to failure)

b) Bench Dips

sets: 4

Reps: 25(to failure)

Move immediately back to 4 a)

Movement 5: Rope Pulldown Drop Set with the same idea as movements 1 and 2

Static Stretching is super important, and very important after workouts with little rest times and when training to failure. Training like that may not allow for proper CNS recovery between sets and can be super hard on you. Static stretching is great for your central nervous system, recovery, injury prevention and nutrient delivery.

I can see, or better yet, feel how this will work. Most times complete circuits are started a lot closer to the goal date so this is a lot different. An even bigger focus will be put on relaxation/stretching in the mornings and post workout to help avoid burnout.

The workouts like this are so short! Afterward I was pretty spent but, since it was so short, it felt like I should be doing more. I know that’s a recipe for burnout for sure! There will be no post-weight cardio sessions until next week.

An updated meal plan will be added soon. Have a great day!


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