Gluten-Free Benefits-Meeting with Steph

Today Steph and I met up and it was so encouraging! Not only am I reassured that things are okay but I am more excited than ever! And…..I am going to compete in the London OPA Show on November 27th at Centennial Hall. There I said it, now I am 100% committed 🙂 This has actually been on the back of my mind for a while but I didn’t want to commit to anything, worried about getting too caught up and letting other important things slide. Now I know it will be more than doable 🙂 Yesssss.


Steph and I at my first show and an awesome day. October 2007.


I have a lot more free time, now and time to relax. This is one of the reasons this prep will continue to work. The Power of Less (click here for more info) has been a God-send so far and I recommend it to everyone. After just getting into it and just beginning some of the steps, I have managed to clear a whole day to do anything or even nothing, have more time/energy to be productive and feel a lot more relaxed. This isn’t to say the rest of prep might be challenging at times, no doubt it will, but not being stressed and still feeling able to concentrate on other things will help to keep it enjoyable. This show feels really important and I was really hoping to do it because, who knows, it could be the last one for some time.

Steph said I am carrying more upper body muscle than she has ever seen on my frame, and that it is making me appear “thicker.” I’ll be working to bring this down a bit through supersets, higher reps and shorter rest times between the sets of some movements. Shoulder training will remain heavy to keep them from becoming “flat” which happens sometimes as prep goes on.

The meal plan will be added soon and the suggestion from Steph is to see how things go over the next week, if muscle has not decreased with the training changes, we might lower the protein intake and increase the carbohydrates. This would seem really weird. We’ll just see what happens.

The fit of some shirts and why my weight is so heavy with body fat percentage being lower makes a lot more sense, now. The fact that muscle has actually been added during this prep is so cool! This might have a lot, or maybe even everything to do with going gluten-free for this prep.

This is my first gluten-free prep and it’s actually the first time I’ve gone without gluten for this long. For a while (about a year) I’ve been suspicious that I could be sensitive or even intolerant to it, so care has been taken to avoid it more often than not and to not go “over board” when it is taken in. But it was still taken in with breakfast (oats or sometimes cream of wheat) and there was a post workout drink used occasionally which contained gluten. Most “cheats” (3-4 meals/week in the off-season) contain gluten. I don’t react very well to most of these things or feel very good after eating them.


Buckwheat Kasha, with you, your deliciousness, cinnamon and stevia, you are welcome to be a part of my breakfast any day.


Our bodies can’t use what we can’t digest. If we are intolerant to something (eg: gluten, corn, wheat, dairy,etc) and continue to take it in, we can have digestive issues. If we have digestive issues we may not be using our food properly. If we are not using our food properly (among the many problems that can result) we won’t see the gains we could potentially see with healthy digestion. Maybe there were some issues that have been healed or are healing and now food is being used the way it should be resulting in muscle gains. This is so awesome.

Another super interesting thing and something I’ve just read a little bit about is “Gluten Withdrawl.” If this is real, maybe this is why the beginning-mid prep felt so “different” and more of a challenge than others. Maybe it’s not even tied in at all but either way, if there is more research, I’m looking forward to getting more into it.

I love the possibilities and the way this prep (not at all unlike the others) is teaching so many things! I am so excited right now and feeling more driven than ever.

Have the best night 🙂


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