Allowing Support

I hope you had a great weekend! Yesterday was Thanksgiving and Dad’s 56th birthday. The visit was fun and very energizing.

This prep feels a lot different from others and, at times, it does seem a bit more challenging than some others have. It feels very doable, worth the effort and something that is teaching me a lot of things, but a definite challenge.

I don’t like to tell people when things feel difficult just like I don`t like accepting help or admitting if/when it`s needed. It`s pretty obvious that this may not be a great way to be and these are definitely things I`m learning to do. Plus, although I’d like to think I’m super awesome at putting on a tough/everything is great act, I’m not really and the people in my life can usually see right though it.

Everyone needs help sometimes and although it’s great and very productive to focus on the positive, acknowledging tougher times is necessary for growth, too and sometimes admitting things are a bit tough is what we need to do to get the help or to be pointed to the resources we need. I’ve heard of other competitors who feel like this sometimes, and people in different situations. Some may not want to sound like a burden to family or friends or to sound like they are wining. Afterall, this is a personal choice and this process is nothing we can’t handle, right? Yes it is a personal choice, and, yes, the process is something that can be handled when planned out and followed, but it can be difficult. There really should be difficult times. We’re going up against mother nature to get down to a shape that we’re just not made to get to. It’s natural to feel a little tired and, perhaps, not like yourself sometimes. When this happens the people around you will naturally be affected. It helps them understand and feel included when we’re honest about the way things are going. It makes the process a lot easier on both of you and may even bring you closer.

I admitted to my mom things were a bit challenging and it was both relieving to say and all that needed to be done to hear the most encouraging things ever. I left with a great boost and felt even more supported. But first of all, with her knowing me like the back of her hand, of course she already knew things weren’t always feeling like a breeze. It’s funny how the older we get the more we can see that parent’s are not as easily fooled as we may have once thought lol

More physical changes are definitely happening and very suddenly. When sudden changes happen, energy is a bit lower and then will go back up again. Water retention seems to be up and down a bit, but a lot better than it was before. I’m not checking as closely as what had been done at the beginning, but things are definitely changing.

The numbers will be checked again shortly.

Sleep is being scheduled with a no excuse bed-time and relaxation is still a part of every day.

Going into this week, I feel very ready for it.

Have a great day!


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