Happy Thanksgiving and a Great Book Suggestion

This week, starting to train in new surroundings for a few nights a week has been amazing! These have been the best workouts in a long time. The longer trip to the gym also allows for nice quiet time both before and after workouts.

Mondays and Thursdays are both boot camp nights, so training is always done closer to home on those nights, as well as nights with afternoon/evening clients, demos, or any plans. Then there’s less rushing around.

Speaking of not rushing around, a really great book was recommended to me called The Power of Less by Leo Babauta. Some of the things the book aims to do is teach you how to prioritize tasks, organize time better, remove life “clutter,” and ways to stay on track with your goals one task at a time. Anyone could probably benefit, but if you feel like you could use some free time and help with reaching your great goals in a more relaxed way (and who couldn’t, really), among the other ways it could prove beneficial, then you will probably love it from the start.

I’ve just gotten into it, but so far it’s begun showing me how to “set limits” with time so that energy/time is spared for other things. Eg: setting limits to how many times e-mail is checked in a day and time spent on Facebook. Little things at a time add up to big changes.

This book suggestion has seemed to come at the  perfect time and I am very excited to get more into it. Click here to see more info on The Power of Less.

Sunday is Thanksgiving at my parents and Dad’s birthday! I’m so excited to see everyone!! Get togethers can work just fine with sticking to a meal plan since it can be an option to bring your own food almost all the time. We make sort of a “pot luck” out of  family get togethers so bringing options that we can all have works awesome (like a veggie tray) and since we’ll be having a gigantic roasted turkey, that will be just perfect.

A few meals are usually brought as a back-up and for the time before Thanksgiving dinner and after since I’ll be sticking to serving sizes/meal times. Eating/living like this becomes very normal (frequent meals, bringing along “meal plan or lifestyle friendly options”). The more comfortable you become with your lifestyle choices, the more comfortable those around you are with them as well. Others may pick up some of your lifestyle/eating habits, as well!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving and a Great Book Suggestion

  1. Gilly says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Renee. Enjoy with luved ones. And keep up your training. G.

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