Things Returning to Normal and A Sweet Fit Foods Demo

Hi there! I hope you’re having a great day.

Things seem to be returning to “normal.” Water retention has gone down quite a bit. When checking yesterday, it’s actually down 7lbs from Sunday. That’s a lot and I’m thinking there could have been something hormonal going on.

The approach to just “go with the flow” instead of analyzing things a lot seems to work best. The plan is in place, Steph is confident that it’s a great plan and that things are on track. I’ll take this to mean that it will be alright!

Yesterday was a Fit Foods demo, sampling Mutant Mass and ExtraVol (the new Extendavol formulation) and it was so much fun! I really missed doing them and working with the company/products I’ve become so familiar and comfortable with. There will be more Fit Foods demo dates posted shortly!

Kleissinger Labs will continue to do very well and I had a great experience with them. With the Ambassadorship work being done online, there are many people who prefer to work that way. eSourcenutrition will continue to grow and the Kleissinger Labs line will continue to become more and more well-known. Someone well suited for the Kleissinger Labs Ambassadorship will do a great job and represent this growing company well.

There have been a couple of small changes to the meal plan; carbohydrates are being cycled a bit more and Fish Oil intake is being increased. A sample day will be added soon.

Have a great afternoon!


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