Not sure what’s going on: 7 weeks out

I don’t really know what’s going on right now, “water retention” has not gone down and by now it definitely should have. It has actually increased quite a bit over the last couple of days and I feel really wiped out. Something is kicking my butt and I really don’t know what it is.

This prep weight was checked a few weeks ago, but not since then. I have been relying more on skin folds. My weight fluctuates pretty often and is heavy for my size, so I don’t pay much attention to it. Yesterday it was checked so we could see just how much extra weight is being carried (hopefully being water weight) and it leaves weight higher than when prep began. This sucked to see and really freaked me out.

I was really hoping the suggestion from Steph would not be to increase training after seeing me, since I’m really not all that sure I’ve got any more in me at this point. She actually suggested keeping training/meal plan the same but to also take a day off once a week which I have never done before, while prepping. This sort of freaks me out a bit since feeling “thicker” makes me feel like I really should be working harder, but I trust her and I do know the rest day could be helpful.

I can overdo things quite easily and although I have no problem telling clients to slow down, it’s quite different with myself. I can benefit from being bossed around a bit when it comes to that. Thankfully I have people in my life who have no problem doing that when it’s needed 🙂

It’s crazy how quickly things are changing: from great, to not so great, back to great and then to this.

Of course, I want to do my best for the shoot and maybe even some other plans and I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t be disappointed if my body didn’t want to follow along with the plan. But to still have energy for the other things going on, this is very important. It would also be really nice to not feel like a crazy person, which can definitely happen when you push it super hard and your body just doesn’t want to do what you’re telling it to.

It will be important to keep thinking positively about everything and being stressed out about it will definitely not help. Relaxation practices are being increased.

Steph saw something quite different from what I saw yesterday by knowing that the work/meal plan set out (and even taking a rest day) will take me to the goal. It seemed like my own confidence about things was just stripped away super quickly. It’s time to get that belief back into my own head and I am super thankful to have another set of eyes and the extra push right now.

Holy it feels good to admit that things are feeling a bit tough and even better to have someone take the lead with my prep plans at this point. Prep is a team effort, yes the workouts can make it feel like “a solo” sport, but it really isn’t. Without a support system, it’s hard to imagine how difficult it would be.


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