The Gym: A Place Away From Work?

A gym may be seen as a place away from work, home away from home, your place to yourself or for you and your training partner(s). When you work in a gym, you spend a lot of time there. Yes, you may really love what you do and love being there but for training it is no longer your place away from work because you work there, and after a while it can definitely begin to feel like you live there! The common trend of seeing trainers fall behind in their own training, or feelings of being “burnt out” when it comes to their own training may have something to do with this.

Maybe you get into the industry because you love training yourself and want to help others achieve that same feeling. What happens when you just can’t get that feeling or time for yourself anymore when working out at that gym? What happens when you just need to be somewhere else for your own “you time,” and can be just another person working out, not someone who also works there?

Talk to your manager/boss about the importance of fitness in your life and to your job. Then explain to them about how your own goals are being impacted. When we are able to reach and maintain our own goals, we are a lot more effective in work and life. Chances are your manager or boss recognizes this. If you feel this could help, ask how they would feel about you training somewhere else sometimes, even if only for a brief amount of time as sort of a “refresher.”

If you work for a larger chain, it might be easier to train at a different gym in the same chain. If you do not, the feelings of being “unfaithful” to your own facility may be there. I had this problem recently and felt super guilty about ever wanting to workout somewhere else. When I brought up similar feelings to those listed above to my boss, it was so relieving to hear that he understood. He actually asked why I hadn’t asked about working out somewhere else for a little while, before. Phew.

Just be honest about it. It wouldn’t be that great if your manager/boss found out you were training somewhere else before bringing it up to them. Feeling guilty also takes away from enjoyment. If you let them know, they will most likely really appreciate the honesty and if they have worked in the gym for any length of time and train themselves, they will most likely be understanding. Then you can really relax!

If we are having a problem feeling motivated with our own training while working at a gym, we don’t have to let our personal goals fall by the wayside. We can find ways to make it work. Afterall, isn’t this what we encourage our clients to do?


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