Water Retention-Sweet!

Hello! This might not be an entry a lot of males will be interested in reading.

This week I am holding water and feeling quite a bit “thicker.”  This has a lot to do with where things are at in my monthly cycle. Sweet, here come the “exaggerated” PMS symptoms 🙂 The further I get in prep, the more “different” these symptoms become compared to off-season. It seems a lot of female competitors feel this way. Yay for wonky hormones.

Skin folds were checked and are down everywhere, making body fat percentage now 11.29%. It feels more like 20…..million. lol just kidding but most females with water retention issues around her period will know how that feels.

Around the 8 week out point seems to be where I start to become a little unsure of whether things are on track. One day it seems like everything is great and the next day I have no idea. There’s no point in worrying about it and on Saturday I’ll see if Steph thinks things are on track. It’s amazing how much of a difference the reassurance that things are fine or the help in tweaking things can make. I’m very excited to see her and Morgan!

Having a coach to help you, especially when you’re feeling unsure, is awesome. There is so much less stress when you don’t have to go by your own personal opinion of how things are coming along (which can change from day-to-day and may not be very accurate).

Although feeling thicker from the water retention, It feels like my body is getting rid of body fat like crazy. A hard feeling to explain but you can just feel it happening. Sweat comes a lot sooner during training, as well and when it’s time for a meal I want it right away.

Starting on the weekend was my super craving time, which carried over a little bit to this week. I waited until they subsided a bit, then had some “extra” food Monday. I don’t find it a very good idea to have cheats or extras when cravings are at their worse. Will power may be quite a bit lower it can become more difficult to stick to the amount you’ve decided upon.

I had decided to have no cheats or extras after the wedding, but it started to feel like that extra food was necessary for whatever my body was doing (another hard feeling to explain) and now I can tell things are in the process of changing even more. It’s so great that these things are happening.

Now, after seeing Steph Saturday I’ll know if they are happening at the rate they should be.

Have a great night!


2 thoughts on “Water Retention-Sweet!

  1. Gilly says:

    Interesting post, anyways! You always have such good tips that I can share with friends…

    When is your competition or target date? What are your drop dead dates?

    Keep it coming. 😀


    • reneeprimeau says:

      Hahaha Gilly 🙂 I am hoping the drop dead date won’t be for a long, long time….hopefully a few decades atleast!
      The shoot is on November 20th! 7 weeks tomorrow 🙂
      Thanks for the support Gilly 🙂 I helps a lot and means a lot to me.

      Have a great night!


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