Just Words

There are so many words to say why we can’t do something, about why something isn’t possible for us or why we aren’t good enough, strong enough.

These words might have been said to us in the past and for some reason we’re still holding onto them, making them into our everyday thoughts. It doesn’t really matter where they’ve come from, words and thoughts alone are so powerless,they aren’t really real.They can’t do anything and they can’t stop anything from happening, especially our actions. It’s our belief in them and our choices that make them real.

We can choose to give power to some story we’re being told by someone else, or are still telling ourselves or we can hear it and take it for what it is, some made up nothing, a tale, just words.

What if instead of making these sad stories real with our beliefs, we just write something new for ourselves. Then if we do that maybe we could make it something worth believing in.


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