RescindX Clothing

Hi there!

I hope you’re having a great night! This week began with some really exciting news, RescindX Clothing has welcomed me on board with their team of Sponsored Athletes. I am so excited!!!! They have always had great designs and just keep coming out with new awesome things all the time. They are also very dedicated to helping physique athlete’s that they have a lot of faith in. This is one of the reasons it’s such a great feeling. Check out the RescindX Clothing web-site here.

This week is going very well with training! The wedding was an awesome time, and yes there were some drinks AND not part of the meal plan food options, but it hasn’t really seemed to set things back too much. I can tell you….after that weekend I felt just amazing. Relaxed and ready to get back at it 🙂 Breaks can do a body and mind a lot of good. Obviously poor food choices and booze isn’t always a great way to have a break, and certainly not an option during most preps. If things will set us further away from a goal and not allow time to get to where we want to be, that just may add more stress which sort of takes away from the whole purpose of a break.  But taking relaxing mind and body-easing breaks is necessary from time-to-time, and we need to listen to our bodies/minds to avoid burning out and to keep things enjoyable.

I am feeling more and more excited and have such a great feeling about everything!

Tomorrow morning is an early cardio wake up to follow the lower body training which was done tonight, so off to bed it is!

Have a great night tonight!


2 thoughts on “RescindX Clothing

  1. Gilly says:

    Ready for the free samples…! Got a fitness model in WA (down under). G.

  2. reneeprimeau says:

    Hey Gilly! I’m excited for the first shipment, for sure! There are new designs Bruce (the owner) is working on, too. I’m excited to see what he comes up with.
    That’s awesome about the fitness model. Is she on your facebook?

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