Sample Lower Body Training and Anaerobic Cardio Sessions

Good morning to you! I hope you’re having a great day so far.

This week’s early morning sessions have been going well. Yesterday  leg day was performed and the goal at this point is to achieve more leanness (especially in the quads) for the shoot. In an attempt to help with this, the morning after lower body training high incline/ low incline treadmill intervals are performed. This is killer and it can definitely be felt that it’s working!

Lower body training has also been stepped up and rest times are a bit shorter.

Here is the lower body day that was performed yesterday. Reps, sets and rest times can be changed to help meet different goals.

1 a) Sumo Squats – 4 sets, 12-15 reps

b) calf raise – 4 sets, 15-20 reps

90 second rest before returning to 1 a)

2) walking dumbbell lunges– 3 sets, 12-15 reps per leg, 60 second rest

3 a) scissor hip extension (2 second hold at top of rep)- 4 sets, 10 reps per side

b) split squat jumps– 4 sets, 10 reps per leg

60 second rest before returning to 3 a)

4 a) single leg squats– 4 sets, 8-10 reps per leg

b) jump squats– 4 sets, 10 reps

60 second rest before returning to 4 a)

A thorough stretch and relaxation movements (eg: yoga poses: warrior stretch, downward dog, etc) are an awesome idea all the time, but a really great idea after using shorter rest times between sets. This type of training can be pretty taxing and both yoga and stretching can help.

Here are some examples of anaerobic cardio sessions

***These are samples only, and different speeds/inclines will be appropriate for different people. Listen to your body and when beginning new programs/training methods, don’t be afraid to take things slow, at first to get the feel for it.

These shorter cardio sessions are awesome. You are in and out quickly and can feel that your metabolism is just revved for quite a while after.

High/lower incline tread mill intervals:

2 minute warmup at a moderate pace

20-30 minutes: vary your incline from 5.0 incline to 9.0, vary your speed from 9.0-10.0. Listen to your body while performing these intervals. Example interval: 20 seconds all-out, 15 seconds rest, if it feels like there is not enough power in your legs to keep up 20 seconds of going all out, switch the interval to 10-15 seconds all out with a 20-25 second rest (or something similar). If you begin to feel less and less power behind the high incline intervals, lower the incline and keep performing the intervals.

2 minutes cool down at a slow-moderate pace.

Jacob’s Ladder– We just got these in at Fitness Forum last week and I am in love! Intervals on these = super wicked sweat fest

Example: 30 seconds all-out – 20 seconds rest , repeat 10-20 times depending on your level of fitness, energy levels and training goal for that day. If you are attempting to go longer and are running out of energy to complete a 30 second interval, just play around with the times eg: 20 seconds all-out, 25-30 seconds rest or 15 seconds all out, 25 seconds rest, etc.

Intervals on the Stair Mill are also amazing.

When feeling sore and/or run down, longer steady state sessions might be a better option.

Training has been good so far, meaning there is enough energy to complete workouts but sleep is really not that great (even when getting to bed at a good time) and I’m beginning to feel a little uptight. Looking back on why this could be, yes things are busier and training has increased, but this isn’t anything that can’t be dealt with. I normally take time every day to meditate/complete relaxation movements and because of this, maintaining a relaxed frame of mind is pretty normal. Time has not been taken to do these things for the past few weeks, at least. It’s important to remember that without doing the things that keep us feeling good, balanced and relaxed, we really aren’t being very helpful to ourselves or anyone else. It will be difficult to be as effective and we’ll definitely miss out on some life enjoyment when we neglect our own well-being. Time to sloooooow down and remember that. Last night I took the time and already feel better. It’s definitely true that going without certain things can really help you see how beneficial they can be!

I am off for the day. Have a great one!


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