Things are Changing!

Holy crap things are changing! Sometimes things will “stand still” when it comes to body fat percentage, measurements and weight. I notice this happens sometimes at first when new things are introduced (eg: more anaerobic cardio sessions, “faster” resistance training). Almost like my body is trying to really figure out what I’m doing before beginning to change. Then things can start happening super fast. This is definitely the case right now.

I checked numbers this morning (measurements, skin folds) and I’m pretty excited about the changes. Body fat percentage is down by 3% since the 14 week out point and measurements are down everywhere. The numbers aren’t overly dramatic but definitely a boost and by the way things “feel” right now, I  can tell some more changes are on the way. Exciting!

Energy levels were a little low yesterday but I’m just getting used to the early morning’s again. Training is often done before work in the morning to fit everything in and, not really being a huge fan of early morning training, this is always quite the adjustment.

This is also a reason to get my butt to bed earlier. Like a lot of people, I can be on the grumpy side when there is a lack of sleep. Deciding to take part in preps like this is a personal choice and no one else should have to deal with possible consequences (mood changes). Mood swings wouldn’t be all that great for personal life or business. “I really love dealing with this girl who really seems to hate life.” are probably not words likely to be spoken or thought by anyone. So here I go “grounding” myself and sticking to a bed time that allows for adequate sleep (at least 8 hours).

This will make a huge difference and I’m already feeling a lot more energy this morning than I did yesterday from getting a night of saweet sleep.

Have a great day today!


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