Meal Plan Options at 10 weeks out

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At 10 weeks out, the meal plan breakdown is really similar to off-season and to the last prep. The main differences from off-season being less “cheats,” portion sizes, meal timing and these options are gluten-free (cream of wheat and oats were used last prep which are not gluten-free).

A very similar entry was added in the August 2nd blog. The 14 week out blog (before the date of the shoot was changed) explains some things regarding “cheats”. (To see the 14 week out blog entry click here). Things haven’t really changed all that much besides a couple of new food options here and there (eg: buckwheat Kasha which is friggin delicious with cinnamon and berries, by the way!) The August 2nd blog also contains some different ideas for “cheats but not cheats” that are used once in a while. To see the August 2nd blog entry click here.

Here are the meal plan options:

Protein:(go for free range organic meat options)

Chicken Breast

Extra lean ground turkey

Extra lean ground chicken

Extra lean ground beef

Egg whites

free-range organic eggs


Some Buckwheat Kasha just hanging around, being delicious (well….delicious when it’s cooked)

Buckwheat Kasha



Red Quinoa

Sweet Potato

Brown Rice

Mixed Berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, cranberries)


Coconut oil

Omega 3.6.9 oil

Fish oil

Hemp oil

Free-range organic egg yolk


Snow peas

Sugar snap peas






Condiments/spices: there are so many different spices/condiments that can be used, these just happen to be the ones I like to use.


Cinnamon (a lot!)

Mustard (sometimes)

Tabasco Sauce(sometimes)

Curry powder(a lot!)

Italian Seasoning

Paprika (sometimes)


I’m off for now but a detailed breakdown and a sample day of eating will follow soon.

Have a great day!!


4 thoughts on “Meal Plan Options at 10 weeks out

  1. Josee Nadeau says:

    Hey Renee, have you tried coconut milk? It goes so good with chicken and that curry that you love !

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  3. […] At just under 5 weeks out rthe meal plan options are the same at at 10 weeks out. Carbs are now slightly lower and rotated more. Here is an example […]

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